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Google Announces New On Tap Features Including Package Tracking, Flight Status, And More

Google Now On Tap is one of those features that sounded great when it was announced, but has failed to live up to the hype now that it's out. It's not going to remain in that state forever, though. Google is already adding new features to On Tap, including some we've already noticed. A blog post on the Inside Search blog lays it all out.

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Google Now On Tap Updated To Allow For Easy Screenshots On Android 6.0

Taking screenshots has officially become a little easier for those of us who have a device running Android 6.0. An update has begun to roll out to the Google App that adds a share button to Google Now on tap, which takes a screenshot and allows you to immediately share it. This is great news for some who have been having issues taking screenshots on their 6P while using certain cases, and for those who have trouble pressing multiple buttons at once.

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[Weekend Poll] Are You Using Google Now On Tap? How Often?

Google Now On Tap was easily the most futuristic feature to be demoed when Android 6.0 was previewed at Google I/O earlier this year. We longed for it, anticipated it, and when it finally arrived... most of us didn't really find a use for it.

I'll be honest: I had completely forgotten Now On Tap even existed until Artem suggested this weekend's poll topic, one that I think will yield some interesting results. I haven't ever used Now On Tap in a serious way, only once or twice for demo purposes (as in the photo above), and I'm not even able to think of a single situation where it'd be much more helpful than, say, copying and pasting or just using voice search to perform a query.

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Google Now On Tap In Android M Preview Is Back To Saying 'Coming Soon'

If you've been following the Google Now On Tap saga in recent days, you'll be happy to know we've come full circle. A new version of the Google app last week enabled On Tap for the third dev preview, but it stopped working soon after. Now it's back to displaying a cheerful "coming soon" message. Why do you taunt us, Google?

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Google App v5.3 Is Rolling Out To Finally Enable Google Now On Tap For M Preview 3 Devices [APK Download] [Update: Brings Android M UI To Google Now Launcher Too]

Update Wednesday isn't over yet, and this is a big one. Google is rolling out v5.3 of the search app and it enables Google Now On Tap for M preview 3. The app will  install on Android 4.4 and higher, but it won't add On Tap functionality, obviously.

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Google Does Not Plan To Make Google Now On Tap Available In The Developer Preview

Among all the interesting tweaks to Android M, the new Google Now on Tap feature has the potential to be the most revolutionary. We won't know for sure until later, though. Google doesn't plan to make this feature fully functional until Android M is officially released.


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