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Google Lens now has 'style ideas' to help you look fabulous

Google Lens is a popular and nifty app with several powerful functions: search with your camera, translate text you see, identify objects, and more. Starting today, it's being upgraded with a new feature called "style ideas" that's meant to give you "outfit inspiration from around the web."

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Google announces redesign for News tab in desktop Search

Google has been working quite a bit on its news offerings over the past year. An overhauled Google News app launched a year ago, and has continued to get updates since, but the News tab in desktop Google Search has has had the same design for ages. That will soon change though, as Google has announced a redesign for the tab.

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Google News v5.12 adds larger 'full coverage' button, moves shortcuts to new bottom bar [APK Download]

Google News is a good news aggregator, and it just got a little bit better. Version 5.12 brings a number of small tweaks, including a "full coverage" button, relocation of some shortcuts, and an article indicator. There's nothing major to speak of, but refinement is always nice to see.

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Google is testing stripped-down news results that comply with imminent new EU copyright law

In September 2018, the European Parliament approved new copyright legislation that could change the way the internet works forever. One aspect of the new directive would force websites to pay for snippets they use from an external source, and Google is wisely already testing a stripped-down version of its news search results in anticipation of the law change.

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Google News v5.7 is testing restrictions to prevent data abuse, prepares music playback for Grammy Awards [APK Teardown]

Google made some big changes back in May with the launch of Google News, bringing both Play Magazines and the News & Weather app together in a new format and completely redesigned app. A few months later, Google announced several new automatic features for the Google News app that would make it even more data-efficient. Unfortunately, something went wrong and many users found that the app had taken to downloading multiple gigabytes of data over cellular connections and racking up huge overages. While those bugs seem to have been fixed, the latest update includes signs that Google may be putting countermeasures in place to help prevent similar bugs in the future.

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Google News might shut down in Europe over prospective EU 'link tax'

Europe's new digital copyright legislation has raised no shortage of concerns from business and consumer rights advocates alike. The severe new regulations include what critics have dubbed a "link tax" that would require most medium to large online platforms to pay copyright holders for reproducing even small snippets of text (though a few "individual words" is fine). This, of course, is at the core of Google News, and Google is adamant that it may shut down its news aggregation app in Europe if the EU does not alter the phrasing of its legislation.

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Newsstand section disappears from Play Store, now exists only in Google News app

In a rare move of consolidation, Google merged Google Play Newsstand features into the Google News app in May, and shut down its News & Weather app. After the shake up, it was only a matter of time before the Newsstand section on the Play Store disappeared altogether. Now the inevitable has transpired — Newsstand is no longer available in on the top or side menu of the Google Play Store. Additionally, the URL for Newsstand now redirects to the Google News app.

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Google News is using up several gigs of data for some users, resulting in overages

A Google News bug has been making the rounds since early September, but has recently picked up steam and claimed many victims: the app is downloading tons of data in the background and causing overages for many users.

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Google News shows live scores, match highlights, and schedules for sports teams [APK Download]

Two weeks ago, Google News got an update to version 5.5, bringing a dark theme option to the app. But since the rollout was slow, we didn't get an official changelog until yesterday. In it, new features were mentioned for sports teams, but they were nowhere to be found. It seems they were dependent on a server-side switch, because it isn't until this morning that these new sports options started showing up for us.

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Google News 5.5 brings a dark theme to the entire app [APK Download]

The march of the dark themed apps continues. After YouTube, Android Messages, the new Google Discover feed, Gboard, and teasers for several other apps, Google News is the lucky recipient of a dark theme update in version 5.5.

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