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Google News & Weather v3.3 comes with a major UI update, including bottom nav bar and cleaner drawer [APK Download]

If you're an avid user of the Google News & Weather app for Android, you may have felt a little sting when the Google News website got an interface overhaul last month. There's no need to feel left out, though, because a brand new update to the app brings the same visual treatments to smartphones. Most of the changes are essentially cosmetic, as everything that can be done in the new version was available somewhere in the previous update, but many things have been relocated and tuned to be a little nicer to access.

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Google News & Weather v3.1 adds 'More Headlines' section to put even more news on the front page [APK Download]

Google has been making the news quite a bit news since yesterday's announcement of Android O. But the company isn't just determined to make news, it's also trying to help you read more of it. The latest update to the News & Weather app is dedicated to exactly that. Google is adding a new section to the stream with the purpose of placing more news stories into view.

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Google says Allo's Assistant and Smart Replies will work in Hindi, announces plenty more enhancements for the Indian market

If you were starting to wonder why Google was suddenly making a lot of India-centric announcements, it turns out that the reason is that Google For India, the company's second official event aimed at the Indian market, was taking place today.

In it, Google has announced YouTube Go, a new India-first data-conscious app that makes YouTube more ready for offline and lesser data use, and plenty of worldwide improvements to Google Chrome with a focus on data saving and offline use as well.

Now, the company has released a more comprehensive list of all the enhancements and features it's bringing to the Indian market.

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