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Google deals on Home and Nest include $25 Home Mini, $238 Nest Cam Outdoor 2-pack

One of the constants in consumer societies is deals. As long as companies exist and make products, they'll try to discount them to move some inventory and gain market share. That's even more true when it comes to the smart home, where products are often considered novelties but can also provide a strong tie-in to an ecosystem. Like Amazon, Google wants you to grab its own smart speakers and connected devices, so it keeps discounting them to lure more of us in. I have enough smart devices in my home, but if you're still looking to beef up your own setup, there are some Google deals to take advantage of now.

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Google discounts Home, Home Mini, Home Max, and Nest Hub smart speakers and display

Although Google's smart home devices have been going on sale several times in the past, the company is currently discounting almost the entire Home range, including the Nest Hub smart display. This is a great opportunity to get an extra intelligent device in your household, or even to buy your first one if you don't have one already.

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Google plans to rebrand all Home products to Nest

With the unveiling today of the Google Nest Hub Max, you might be wondering what’s going on with the branding. Google must value the Nest name more than has previously been apparent and will be using it for all of its smart home products going forward.

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Tony Fadell Is Leaving Google's Nest Division, Moving Into An Advisory Role At Alphabet

Tony Fadell announced today that he is leaving Nest, having run the company - which was bought by Google in 2014 - since its founding in 2011. According to a post by Fadell on the official Nest blog, his departure has been in the works since late last year. Marwan Fawaz, previously of Motorola and Charter Communications, will be taking over Fadell's role as CEO at Nest going forward.

Nest hasn't had a particularly easy time of it lately. In fact, Fadell himself has been at the center of some decidedly negative attention in regard to how the company is managed, as well as the relatively slow pace at which it has released new products.

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