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Telegraph: Google's MVNO May Be Working On Deals With Foreign Carriers For No-Cost Roaming

Google's "Project Nova" MVNO ambitions have already begrudgingly been acknowedlged by Android/Chrome "czar" Sundar Pichai, but now the Telegraph is reporting the company is in talks for no-cost international roaming as a feature of the service.

The Telegraph's info comes from a source claiming that Google is currently negotiating with the owner of Three, a multinational carrier with operations in the UK, Europe, and Hong Kong. The deal would see Google MVNO customers charged no more for data, SMS, or voice services when roaming on Three's network than they would pay for service at home. While T-Mobile has introduced some forms of no-cost roaming, those plans are limited to 2G-speed data service.

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Report: Google's 'Nova' Carrier Will Only Offer Service On Nexus 6 At Launch

In only a few short months, the idea of a Google-owned cell carrier has gone from Android fan fiction to impending reality. Since catching first wind of it, we have honed in on more detail and confirmation. Sundar Pichai's talk at Mobile World Congress left us thinking Nova would be rather small in scale, and now it's starting to become clearer how it will shape up. According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Nova will launch with a product lineup of one device: the Nexus 6.

While this will come as a surprise to many, in retrospect it makes a great deal of sense.

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Sundar Pichai Essentially Confirms 'Nova,' Google's First Foray Into Cellular Service

Several weeks ago, rumors started floating around about a purported Google MVNO codenamed Nova. It looks like that's a little more than a rumor now, as Android lead Sundar Pichai essentially spilled the beans at a talk today at Mobile World Congress. Now, before you get too excited, it looks like this is going to be on a much smaller scale than we originally thought, and is in fact not intended to go head-to-head with the Big Four. That said, Pichai didn't exactly make it clear what Google's intention actually is in terms of coverage area and services provided.

What we do know is that Google plans to bridge the gap between mobile networks and Wi-Fi - most likely using its own Fiber network.

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