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Google Photos v3.15 prepares to add Likes to shared photos and videos, exporting Motion Stills as GIFs, and adds another layer to Austin's cryptic clues [APK Teardown]

A fresh round of updates to the Google Photos app began rolling out this week. Aside from a few small tweaks to wording, you're probably not going to see any noticeable changes as a result of installing the latest version, but as is often the case, there are at least several topics to cover in a teardown. We can look forward to counting up Likes on our shared photos, easier sharing of Motion Stills, and of course, the wider rollout of Google Lens. Also making a return appearance is Austin's infamous mysteryer feature.

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[Update: Official changelog posted] Gboard v6.8 adds a handwriting keyboard and enlarges emoji, hints at new theme engine, Motion Stills integration, and more [APK Teardown]

As Cyber Monday was wearing down, Google was already winding up some app updates. A new version of Gboard began rolling out late in the afternoon, and with it comes the long-anticipated handwriting support, meaning we can finally uninstall the separate handwriting keyboard. There are also some tweaks to the emoji picker. As we look to the teardown, there are signs of a new theme system with a few new options for more visual control, a new autospace feature, integration with the Motion Stills app, and more.

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Google Photos v3.6 prepares to identify your pets, bring your photos to life with Motion, and may hint that Lens is a temporary exclusive for Pixels [APK Teardown]


The latest update to Google Photos is starting to roll out to users, bringing the version up to 3.6. A run through the app hasn't turned up any brand new features, but there are some interesting things in the teardown. We can look forward to maximum cuteness as facial detection may be expanding to encompass our pets, even mixing them in with the faces of other people. There's also a new feature called Motion that promises to bring life to our images. And finally, there's a firm clue that Google Lens may actually turn out to be a temporary Pixel exclusive.

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Google Motion Stills v1.1 adds new editing buttons [APK Download]

Back in July, Google published its Motion Stills app on the Play Store, which had previously only been available for iOS. It's essentially a GIF camera, but the app stabilizes the video while you're recording. You can record for a few seconds, or use the fast-forward mode to speed up and stabilize longer videos. The Android app just got its first update, with a few useful enhancements.

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Google launches Motion Stills app on Android to capture quick, stabilized videos as GIFs [APK Download]

Google launched an app on iOS last year called Motion Stills that could capture short videos as GIFs with advanced stabilization technology. Android users were a bit miffed to be left out, but Google has finally produced an Android version of the app. You can grab it now in the Play Store.

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Google Releases App For iOS That Turns Video Clips Into Motion-Stabilized GIFs, And I Want It Now

Taking photos is fun, and so is taking videos. But what about that magical area in-between the two - something that is much more than a photo, but still substantially less than a full-on HD video clip with audio? We all, of course, are aware of the existence of GIFs and their imperfections, but they occupy this niche quite nicely, in particular because they're highly portable and easy to view on any device.

Google has released a new app for iOS recognizing this, but it's gone further yet, and made GIFs even more awesome. Remember HTC's Zoe? Remember when Apple basically ripped it off with Live Photos?

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