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Google Makes AMP Launch Official, Prepare For Fast-Loading News Stories In Mobile Searches

We first spotted the rollout yesterday, but today Google made it official that its AMP initiative will be enjoying a wide launch effective immediately. AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a new feature to Google's search interface on mobile browsers that will load an optimized version of news articles far more efficiently than the conventional way of navigating to a separate webpage. While Google emphasizes that there is much more to be done, it is going to be prioritizing compatible news and displaying the AMP wording and lightning bolt logo in mobile search by default.

The program involves an open-source, HTML-based format for web developers to use in order to function correctly.

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Google Is Changing The Way It Shows URLs In Mobile Search Results To Include Site Names, Breadcrumbs Instead

When Google searching on a small screen, the part of the result that shows you a page URL isn't always very helpful. Anything but the top-level domain will probably be truncated. Especially within familiar sites, the mixture of page title and shortened URL may leave you unclear what part of the website you will navigate to once you click. Google is making a subtle change to clear things up. Let's jump straight to the example images:

domain_replacement_before domain_replacement_after

Left: old way, right: new way

If you're not seeing it, look at the green text below the large blue text. You're seeing both aspects of the change, which is that it displays both the name of the site rather than the URL and the breadcrumbs.

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