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Google finally begins the transition from Hangouts to Google Chat

Google's messaging strategy continues to perplex us all, but perhaps there's some light at the end of the tunnel? Everyone working on communication tools at Google was recently brought into a single unified team, which will hopefully lead to more consolidated efforts in the future (we can but hope). And another step on the road to finally doing away with the old Hangouts has been announced. G Suite users are now able to see their classic Hangouts conversations in Google Chat so everything is in one place.

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Google Meet passes 50 million downloads, boosted by coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most people are stuck at home and looking for ways to keep in touch with each other. Zoom has been a popular solution for a while, both for companies and individuals. However, with Google's offering becoming free earlier this month, it's now passed 50 million installs on the Play Store.

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Free Zoom alternative: Google Meet is now available for everyone

Google promised that we'd all be getting access to its Meet video conferencing service sometime in May, and today is that day. Google Meet's free video calling service is now live and available on the web for everyone.

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Google Meet will be free for everyone, starting in May

The artist formerly known as Hangouts Meet has seen a number of welcome improvements in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but until now only G Suite users have been able to use it free of charge. Google has just announced in a blog post that this restriction is being lifted, however, and anyone with a Gmail account will be able to use Google Meet for absolutely nothing.

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Google Meet gets new low-light mode and Chrome tab presentations, noise cancellation coming soon

Google has already given us a new, tiled, Zoom-inspired layout in Meet that makes it a little easier to view everyone in a packed call, but that was only the start for the company's G Suite video conferencing service. It's also rolled out three other highly requested features: An AI-enhanced low-light mode, tab-focused presentation mode, and a noise cancellation feature. Together, these changes might make Meet your first choice over other options the next time you need to do a work meeting from home.

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Google Meet is getting Gmail integration and Zoom-style grid layout

Video conferencing is in extraordinarily high demand as the coronavirus pandemic keeps us all at home, and Google is taking the opportunity to improve Google Meet (until recently known as Hangouts Meet). The service will get new Gmail integrations and a Zoom-style layout, and the changes start rolling out today.

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Google confirms Hangouts Meet is now Google Meet

In a blog post this morning, Google confirmed that Hangouts Meet is no longer a Hangouts product, and will simply be known as Google Meet. The post, which lays out Google Meet's extensive security and privacy credentials, makes no mention of the change, but refers to the product throughout as Google Meet. Similarly, the Meet support pages have almost all been updated with language calling the service Google Meet, where they previously said Hangouts Meet.

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Hangouts Meet will now let you use your phone as a mic while your computer handles the video

Yesterday it was revealed that Google was planning on merging several of its corporate-facing products into yet another messaging service to take on the likes of Slack, and today one of those pieces is getting updated with a new feature. Hangouts Meet just picked up the ability to use different sources for audio and video.

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