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Google Photos site updated to match the app's refreshed Material UI

Google Photos' Android app was updated back in September to Google's hot new, mostly white aesthetic. At the time, the site still lagged behind with older iconography and layout, but no longer. Today Google has pushed that same Material Theme/Material Design 2 look onto the Google Photos site.

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Chrome OS 68 rolling out with Material Design updates, PIN sign-in support, and more

Chrome 68 was released about two weeks ago, and Chrome 69 just arrived in the beta channel. There's usually a week delay between Chrome and Chrome OS being updated, and now Chromebooks are being updated to v68. This release includes an updated Material Design UI, PIN support for signing in, camera improvements, and more.

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Check out this cool video teaser showcasing Google's modern use of Material Design

Material Design isn't some immutable standard. It's a flowing, breathing, evolving design. As our own former editor Liam (now a Googler) pointed out today, the current expressions we've seen of Google Material are just one potential way to implement the changing design philosophy. So if you're eager to check the possible futures for Google's Material designs, you should probably watch this video.

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