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Google Maps rolling out detailed voice guidance for walking directions

For the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, today is World Sight Day — a time to think about how we can prevent avoidable vision diseases and reducing external impacts for people living with visual impairment or blindness. Navigation in unfamiliar places remains one of the biggest challenges for those people, so the Google Maps team has decided to take the opportunity to roll out detailed voice guidance for walking directions.

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[Update: Google teaser] Dark mode signs show up in Google Maps

Over the past months, we've seen most of Google's prominent — and not-so-prominent — apps get updated with dark mode support. One holdout has stuck to its guns though: Maps. The app already has a user-configurable dark theme while navigating, but the rest of the interface remains white. Now, glimpses of a dark mode have popped up in Maps, hopefully hinting at a close release of the theme.

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Google announces new privacy features and upgrades its password manager

With the increasing scrutiny around the privacy of users, Google has announced some new features to give us all some additional peace of mind. Updates to Maps, YouTube, and Assistant will make it easier to control how much of your data the company has access to, and Password Checkup will help you ensure everything stays secure.

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Google Maps Incognito Mode sent to preview group for testing

It's been a long time coming — 4 months, actually, for those of you remembering back to Google I/O — but we're finally getting our first real look at Incognito Mode for Google Maps. Ironically, the pictures we have are courtesy of some members of the Google Maps Preview test group who wish to remain anonymous.

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Google Maps beta solicits ratings for hired professionals like plumbers, movers, and contractors

If you're using Google Maps to find hired professionals, you might notice that they have fewer ratings than the restaurants or businesses you usually visit. This makes sense – handymen come to you, and you might not even know or care where exactly their business is based. To combat this, the latest Google Maps beta has started asking users to rate hired professionals that may have worked for them.

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Google Maps adds quick access to your preferred transit lines and reorganizes notification settings

Changes are always afoot with the Google Maps app. Whether aimed at helping you get around or discovering and searching for places, new features frequently pop up. Today brings us two of them: a new Your transit section for quick access to your preferred public transport lines, and a better organized notification settings list.

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Google Maps lets you report road constructions

Step by step, Google Maps is bringing incident reporting to our daily drives. The feature, which has been a staple of Waze for years, first showed up in November with crashes and speed traps, then added slowdowns/congestions. Now, another traffic reason is making its way to the report pop-up: construction work.

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Google Maps on Android now has a Street View layer

Google Maps' Street View is the best in the biz, and although it's been available on Android for years, it was never as well-integrated in the app as it's been on desktop. That's changing now, though — Google has just added a "Street View" layer in the Maps app that makes using the feature a lot easier.

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Google Maps mixing rideshare, bikeshare, and scooter options into transit direction suggestions

Everyone deserves the freedom of mobility, no matter if they own their devices — feet, bike, car, pogo stick — or not. Fortunately for people planning out journeys via public transportation or vehicleshare services, Google Maps has been picking those methods up one by one by one to offer a better real-time navigation experience. Now, the app is incorporating these so-called "first mile" and "last mile" solutions for people looking for transit directions.

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[Update: Resurrected with new look] Google Maps is testing a floating scrolling bar of category searches

Google is always trying new things with the Maps app's interface, moving items from the side menu to the floating layers button, implementing different designs of the bottom bar in various regions, and lately just dabbling with more and more changes that fall in line with the new Material Design looks. And now we have a new change: a scrolling floating bar of category searches is showing up on the top of the screen.

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