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Google Maps preps displaying traffic lights on Android

When navigating via Google Maps, traffic lights are one of the biggest unknowns and something Google won't warn you about — I could sing a song or two about this as I once caused an accident due to a red light I oversaw at an unfamiliar, complicated crossroads (thankfully, no one got hurt). It looks like Google recognizes this potential hazard and wants to help people navigate unknown streets better, as the company is working on adding traffic lights information in Maps.

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Android Auto for phones gets a new Maps interface with better landscape support

Last year, Google was planning on sunsetting the on-device Android Auto experience in favor of Assistant Driving Mode, but things didn't go as planned. The replacement experience that relies on Assistant stalled and eventually Google had to give in and allow the phone Auto experience to live on either as a built-in app on many devices, or through a legacy app on others. We didn't expect to see any changes to that interface though, as development had shifted to Auto's new and standalone experience on car head units, but lo-and-behold, we just got a surprise update to the Maps interface.

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Google Maps Street View getting AR-style markers for points of interest

Google Maps is far more than a tool we use just for finding our way around, and there's a huge discovery component to it as well — who hasn't scrolled around Maps looking for a new restaurant to try out? And while the standard overhead view is plenty useful, sometimes you want to really immerse yourself in a place with a first-person Street View experience. So far, though, navigating Maps in Street View has come at a price, as you wouldn't see those discoverable markers for businesses and points of interest. Now that's finally changing, as Google deploys an AR-style overlay that bring place markers to Street View.

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Get a tease of Google Maps dark mode inside the Google app

Although Google Maps still doesn't have dark theme support, a workaround as been spotted that could give us a glimpse of what the feature will look like when it does arrive. Some searches in the Google app load their own stripped-down Maps view, and if you can get the app to work in dark theme on your phone, that Maps view is dressed up in a snazzy dark theme, too.

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Local Context aims to make Google Maps more useful on 3rd-party websites

The Google Maps API, which allows websites to display information from Maps on their own web pages, is fifteen years old now. The powerful information available from Google gave developers the ability to get creative when embedding Maps content. Now the Google Maps Platform team is announcing both Local Context, a set of tools that make map embeds more useful on the web, and the worldwide availability of its solution to integrate Google Maps data into games.

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Google Maps updates satellite view with Black Lives Matter mural

After a street section opposite the White House was renamed to “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” Google moved quickly last week to update Maps with the new label. But the satellite imagery wasn’t refreshed immediately to show the massive “Black Lives Matter” street mural. Google Maps has now updated the images of that part of Washington DC, but the view is still buggy on the mobile app.

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Google Maps adds YouTube Music playback controls in navigation mode (APK download)

The last few months have been very beneficial to users of several Google services. Meet, Duo, and YouTube Music, in particular, have received updates and new features nearly every week, bringing them closer to competing services and making them easier to use and recommend. Today's winner of the update lottery is YouTube Music, which is now officially supported as a media app inside Google Maps.

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Google Maps starts warning travelers about coronavirus restrictions and mass transit crowding

Society is opening back up. It's happening slowly and it won't be fully until a vaccine for the novel coronavirus can be widely distributed, but it's happening. Still, movement restrictions are in place and, for transit riders, service reductions and mask requirements remain the name of the game. Google Maps is catching up with these changes by pushing more travel alerts when users pull up directions.

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Google swiftly renames DC street Black Lives Matter Plaza on Maps, gives Assistant BLM answers

Google's been rolling out a few changes in response to current events. Following the official renaming of a two-block stretch of 16th street in Washington DC in front of the White House to "Black Lives Matter Plaza," Google has also updated that street section's name on Google Maps. The company has further added some new Assistant responses when customers ask it questions like "do Black lives matter?"

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Google Search and Maps will soon display business hours for seniors, plus pickup and delivery

When you have a question about a business's hours, where do you go? Whether you use Android or iOS, chances are you probably check in with Google, doing a regular search or pulling up the business in Maps. And while either will display open hours, "open" is kind of a nebulous concept these days. Open for delivery? Open for pickup? Open for seniors only? Thankfully, Google's finally making it easy for companies to share all that different data.

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