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Google Pixel owners are getting futuristic AR location sharing in Maps

Live View in Maps is one of Google's more impressive technologies. It guides you through the real world via an AR overlay on your screen, showing you exactly which way to turn, which is pretty handy when you're in an unfamiliar city and have an unreliable compass. Starting with Pixel phones running Android 11, Google is making this feature even more useful. When a friend is sharing their location with you, you'll be able to navigate to them via Live View.

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Google appears to be working on a COVID-19 outbreak overlay for Maps

Google has been placing COVID-19 reminders, warnings, and information in many of its services for some time now. You can't use a Google service without being reminded to wear a mask, or of where to go for screening. It's even added various tips to Maps, including where to get takeout during the pandemic. With a possible new overlay feature, it looks like we might soon be able to add Google Maps to our list of COVID tracing apps.

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Dark mode for Google Maps is almost ready for prime time

Google has been teasing and working on a dark theme for Maps for well over a year, but it's yet to come to full fruition. It looks like that's about to change, as app sleuth Alessandro Paluzzi and 9to5Google have found evidence that Google might be close to release dark mode to the public.

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Google Pay now accepted for Passport parking payments in Austin

Passport, one of the nation's largest vendors for pay-by-phone parking technology, has announced an integration with Google Pay that's now being trialed in Austin, Texas. Users will be able to find a link to the Google-branded payment site right from the Google Maps app.

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Google Maps starts widely displaying traffic lights on Android🚦

Earlier this summer, Google Maps started displaying traffic lights for some users. Although that appeared to be an experimental feature, as none of us at AndroidPolice could get them to show up, they're finally rolling out widely.

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Google Maps now highlights your Saved places with carousels of pictures

Google Maps is revamping its Saved places tab, replacing a tepid list of lists with photo rolls of specific attractions right from the first screen.

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Google Maps makes it easier to avoid places that are actively on fire, which is nice

With wildfires being more prevalent than ever in some parts of the world, it makes sense to improve the quality of information for those in the area. To better crisis response, Google will now show the boundaries of active wildfires via satellite data in near real-time.

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Google Maps gains more realistic views of natural features worldwide

Google Maps is one of the best ways to navigate the world, and it's getting even better with more detailed views of natural features that more accurately reflect the Earth's terrain. New views are coming to roads. as well. that promise to make traveling by foot safer, easier, and more efficient.

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Google Maps speed limit coverage upgraded in US and 17 other regions, downgraded in 100 others

Google will usually adjust its Maps speed limit support for a handful of countries every so often. Last we saw, Google had upgraded it in nine regions, but downgraded it in nine others. This time around, many more regions are involved — 18 regions, including the US, have had their speed limit coverage improved, but a whopping 100 others have had theirs worsened.

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Google opts all users out of voice data collection, explains what it does with the data

If you've used any of Google's voice services for Assistant, Maps, and Search, you will have gotten a lengthy notice about some major changes as to how and why it collects audio of what you say. These actions are a response to last year's revelations about how humans were contracted to review those clips and how some of them got leaked. The top-line takeaway here is that every user has been opted out of data collection.

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