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Google will fix Maps Timeline's disappearing location history

Google Maps' Timeline feature might seem a little creepy if you're especially privacy-conscious — and you can turn off the Location History it uses if you are — but it's also tremendously useful, giving you a full timeline with maps showing all your movements. In fact, some folks depend on it for more than just novelty or tracking down that nice-looking restaurant they drove past the other day, many use it as a tool for logging miles and billing. Unfortunately, there have been several reports in the last few days of that location data entirely disappearing in Google's Timeline tool, though a fix is coming soon.

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Google Maps' Timeline feature now recognizes skiing

Google Map's Timeline feature is equal parts awesome and creepy. Located in the side menu of the Google Maps app, it shows all the locations you have visited on a given day, complete with what mode of transportation you used and (in some cases) the pictures you took at each location. The app can recognize walking, biking, driving, and now skiing.

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