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Google Maps adds speed limits while driving, easy-to-see business hours

We've got a two-in-one deal in UI tweaks if you spend crucial time in Google Maps. One is a toggle for making speed limits disappear from your navigation view, the other brings business hours without the need for search. Each have their catches.

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Google Maps gets one step closer to omniscience, adds live place busyness, average stay times, more detailed business hours

Google has announced this morning that the live place data feature one of our APK teardowns hinted at last month is now official. The feature will allow you to see an estimate of how busy a business or point of interest is right now, which, let's just stop and think about how completely insane the future is for a minute. Your phone can tell you how many people, relatively, are at a place. Just, wow.

Anyway, the rather awesome technology on display here aside, Google has announced two other features regarding places. The first will let you know how long people typically stay at a particular place, theoretically allowing you to gauge how much time to make for your visit to that hot new Asian fusion taco place that everyone's raving about (just me?

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