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Gboard is about to get a new look on Android

Google has been working on a Gboard redesign for more than two months now, and it looks like the company is finally starting to roll it out to the first few beta testers currently using version 9.8.07 of the app. The new look trades the Roboto font for Product Sans and fits the latest revisions to Google's Material Theme much better.

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Gboard's clipboard suggestions spotted rolling out more widely

Those clipboard suggestions spotted in Gboard back in April have started rolling out more widely. Some of our readers have reported seeing the feature live in the latest Gboard beta, though it still isn't available for everyone just yet.

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Clipboard suggestions spotted in Gboard

Google is testing an even easier way of quickly pasting content from your clipboard in Gboard without a tedious long-press. Building on the pop-up suggestions in Android 10, the folks at 9to5Google have spotted a test for Gboard that makes pasting from your clipboard as easy as a single tap on the top bar.

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[Update: Formally available for all, plus emoji] Gboard 7.5.6 beta introduces two personalized 'Minis' sticker packs

In his teardown of Gboard v 7.4, Cody saw signs of a new personalized "minis" sticker pack coming. The feature is now live in v7.5.6 beta, which started rolling out today. The new minis stickers are a re-implementation of the selfie stickers that launched on Allo last year — as a matter of fact, many of the options are the same — but instead of one pack, you get two: "Bold mini" and "Sweet mini."

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Gboard v7.1 beta adds auto-spacing after punctuation, about 20 new languages and dialects, and more [APK Teardown]

The Gboard team has a reputation for rolling out updates right around the witching hour, likely aiming to rob sleep from a diligent teardown guy. Last night brought a new beta version of the app, and this one sports a new feature that's bound to save a few keystrokes: Auto-spacing. As usual, there are also some new languages, and a teardown shows a few new changes on the horizon, albeit most of them are still seated firmly in the mystery column. Grab the latest APK from the download link below to try out the new Auto-spacing feature.

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Gboard v7.0 Beta adds email auto-completion, Chinese and Korean language support, universal media search, and more [APK Download]

Gboard almost never fails to add an assortment of new, and sometimes unusual features with each update. The latest version bump doesn't disappoint. In this release, Gboard can now auto-complete email addresses from your contact list, adds support for Chinese and Korean keyboards, and launches a new universal media search feature that brings together emoji, stickers, and GIFs. There are also some other smaller improvements that will make it easier to set up multiple keyboards within a language and perhaps get suggestions and autocorrections for languages you've never even set up.

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Gboard update adds support for 40 additional languages, sticker packs

Gboard—the virtual keyboard app from Google—has received an update adding support for 40 additional languages, including Japanese. Although Google has long offered a separate input method for Japanese and other languages which do not have a writing system based on Latin script, support for additional languages has been added in gradually since Gboard launched on Android in December 2016. With this update, Gboard now covers over 120 languages.

This update also adds support for stickers by default. Previously, Gboard included stickers only if Allo was already installed, and you made or downloaded stickers for use with that app. Now, four default sticker packs are included in Gboard, even if Allo is not installed.

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Gboard 6.4 brings incognito mode to Marshmallow and Nougat, with other small changes [APK Download]

A new version of Google's Gboard is rolling out today to the beta channel with one interesting feature in tow and plenty of small interface tweaks. The biggest change is an incognito mode that appears when typing in Chrome's incognito mode, but there is more to discuss so let's jump right in.

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Gmail adds Gboard keyboard GIF support [APK Download]

Plenty of apps have been updated recently to add a feature wanted by every meme lover and person who finds emojis dull and can't express themselves with anything less than an animation: GIF keyboard support. The latest to join the fold is Gmail.

You can now search for the GIF your heart desires and insert it right from your keyboard without having to mess with third-party apps. Of course, for this to work, you will need a keyboard that offers GIF insertion like Google's own Gboard. You will also need to be on a supported version of Android, which should be anything above Honeycomb.

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WhatsApp adds Google Gboard GIF support

WhatsApp's history with GIFs has taken us through a long winding road until the app added proper GIF sharing and then searching. The latter, however, was only supported through WhatsApp's own "keyboard," i.e. the emoji panel. You had to show the built-in emoji picker then switch to the GIF tab at the bottom. Like many of us noticed, that still left WhatsApp without official support for Google's own Gboard and its ability to insert GIFs directly from the keyboard.

With the latest beta, WhatsApp has fixed that. Now the GIF tab in Gboard is no longer greyed and stricken out while using WhatsApp.

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