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Zoho's Notebook is a free note taking application aiming to replace Evernote

Zoho isn't shy about its new app's target. Right there, at the bottom of Notebook's official product page, is a clear message saying, "Looking for an alternative to Evernote?" There's even a whole page dedicated to comparing side-by-side shots of Notebook and Evernote and telling everyone that although Notebook doesn't have everything now, it's on the right track.

So what exactly does Notebook have? Notebooks, ha! Obvious joke aside, you can create text notes, images, audio notes, and checklists. Then change their main color, group them into notebooks with assigned cover images, reorder them, move them to another notebook, search them, and share them over email or SMS.

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Google Keep update includes automatically generated search topics [APK download]

It's update Wednesday, but it's been a bit of a slow one so far. Things are picking up with the Google Keep update. It's rolling out now with a revamped search feature, though. With this update, you'll be able to access automatically generated search topics without typing a thing. No update showing on your devices yet? We've got you covered.

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Google Keep v3.3.243 puts a pin in note pinning [APK Teardown]

Last week brought a rush of new app updates from both the Play Store and the Android N developer preview. There were surprisingly few new features to discuss, and not much for teardowns; but the Google Keep app does have at least one notable addition in store for us. It looks like Keep is going to give users the ability to pin important notes so they remain readily available and won't get lost as new items are added.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are based on evidence found inside of apks (Android's application package) and are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete information.
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Google Keep Gets A Revamped View On The Web, Plus Auto-Completing Lists, Link Previews, And Duplicate Detection

Google's Keep had humble and simple beginnings, but it's become one of my go-to tools for organizing my life (such as it is). Today the web and desktop extension version of the service gets a revamp, with a new interface that takes more than a few hints from the Inbox layout. There's a brand new left pane to the UI that includes quick links to Notes, Reminders, user-set labels, the archive, and trashed items. It's dynamic, too: resize the window and it will hide in a pop-out dock, mobile app style.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Is Adding Centralized List And Reminder Settings To Keep For Web And Android

If you load the Google Keep web interface this morning, you'll probably get a helpful blue update box at the top. This box informs you of a new feature in Keep for web and Android—centralized settings. Yes, this is something Keep did not have before, and technically the app still doesn't. We expect an update soon, but it's live online already.


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Keep v3.2.501 Adds Shortcuts To The Drawing Mode Editor For Quick Sharing And Deleting [APK Download]

Google added Drawing Mode to Keep at the end of October and the couple of updates since then seem to focus on fixing bugs. The recent 501 update did make a small but useful addition: there is now an overflow menu in Drawing Mode with links to Delete and Send (i.e. share) your doodles to other apps.

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[APK Download] Drawing Mode Is Live In The Latest Version Of Google Keep, Along With An Updated Widget

Just last week Cody Toombs spotted the building blocks for a drawing function in Google's Keep notes app, and now it's live. The latest version of the APK, 3.2.435, makes it active and visible. You can wait for Google to get around to delivering it via the Play Store, or you can skip the line and download it from APK Mirror below.

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Google Keep v3.2 Adds Some Welcome Screens And Loses Some Dead Weight [APK Download]

Google Keep just received a relatively light update, bringing it to version 3.2. This one doesn't bring much in the way of major functional improvements, but there are a couple of things worth noting. There are brand new welcome images to help new (and possibly existing) users figure out how to get the most out of Keep. The apk has also lost a little bit of weight, and it's now ready for the new Android M permission model.

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[APK Download] Keep Gets Update Allowing You To Easily Turn Your Notes Into Google Docs

After adding the feature to the web version of Keep in May, Google has updated the Android app to allow users to easily convert their notes into Docs. Sometimes what starts as a stray thought or two that you dump into a note becomes something you want to expand upon. Rather than rewriting or copy and pasting, why not have your notes manager do the heavy lifting for you?

Screenshot_2015-08-05-14-25-54 Screenshot_2015-08-05-14-26-01 Screenshot_2015-08-05-14-26-18

And by easy, I mean easy. Go to a note and head to the overflow menu. Tap "Copy to Google Doc" and the process begins. Keep tells you when it is finished on the bottom of your screen, giving you an "Open" link.

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Latest Google Keep Update Removes FAB, Crams Those Options Onto A Big Bar Instead [APK Download]

When Google unveiled its material design vision for Android 5.0, the changes included a new button that hovers in the bottom right-hand corner of apps. The Floating Action Button, or FAB, has become commonplace in the time since.

But in the latest version of Keep, Google wants you to forget all about it. The FAB is gone. In its place there's now a white bar across the bottom of the screen. This is now where you will go to create a new note, jot down a list, start a voice recording, or take a picture.

Screenshot_2015-07-22-13-48-26 Screenshot_2015-07-22-13-58-45

Left: Old, Right: New

Is this a step forward?

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