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RIP Inbox: Google says its experimental mail client will be killed in March 2019

Google's Inbox may be on life support, according to a report by Fast Company. Allegedly the popular bundled email client service, which includes a desktop site and Android app, is set to be discontinued early next year. The official announcement of Inbox's scheduled euthanasia is expected to land later today.

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Inbox v1.76 may be bringing back the 'Someday' snooze option [APK Teardown]

Were you personally wounded when Google declared that Inbox would no longer include 'Someday' among its list of Snooze options? It's likely you weren't alone. The latest update to Inbox doesn't appear to bring back the recently removed feature, but a couple lines from a teardown suggest it might be coming back.

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[Update: Reply reminders too] Google Inbox now reminds you to follow up on important emails

In a recent teardown, we found that Google was working on follow-up reminders for the Inbox Android app. When enabled, the app would guess which emails need to be followed up, and move them to the top of the inbox. Now the feature appears to be going live for users.

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Inbox's newest feature Templates inserts preset text snippets into emails

Email can be overwhelming, so it's useful to get someone else to manage it for you. Failing that, a computer should be able to take over the task. Google's Inbox has been doing this for a while now, with cool features like bundles, smart replies, digests and snoozing until later. A new feature, Templates, has just appeared in the web version of Inbox, which makes email even easier.

Templates are basically preset text snippets that can be inserted into emails. The user manages these and can create or delete a template. For example, if you want a custom signature, or some blurb about confidentiality when emailing an attachment, you could use a template for either.

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Google is testing a new Inbox search UI, may be first indication of "virtual assistant"

Another day, another A/B test has come our way at Android Police. This time, Google is testing out a new Inbox search UI, replacing the dropdown search menu that's been ever-present since Inbox launched.

The UI shows three categories: contacts, businesses, and refinements. Contacts and businesses show people or companies that you regularly contact, while refinements highlights other options you may be likely to search for, such as 'sent emails from last week,' or 'attachments.' These are side-scrolling, with what looks like six options in each row, although it could be more. It's possible this is the first indication of the "Assistant" feature Cody unearthed in a recent teardown, but we can't really be sure.

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Google Inbox 1.1 Tweaks The Material Design Layout, Especially On Lollipop [APK Download]

Google Inbox has been available for only a week, and Google is already tweaking the Android app. Not much, of course - sweeping changes don't come that fast. But as with the recent updates to Newsstand and other apps, Google is getting a little more consistent with its Material Design standard. There don't appear to be any huge shifts in functionality in this update, though users with multiple email accounts will certainly appreciate at least one.

What's New

If you happen to be using Android 5.0, either on a shiny new Nexus device or via the developer preview, Inbox now blends the color of the action bar into the status bar.

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[PSA] Waitlist Invites For Inbox By Gmail Are Going Out Now

Have you signed up to for an invite to Inbox by Gmail? It looks like public invitations to the service have begun rolling out en masse.


Be sure to check your Gmail if you signed up. If you haven't, email [email protected] to get put on the waitlist, but if you signed up yesterday you should probably be seeing an invite shortly. You can check out our quick hands-on here for a primer.

Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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