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[Update: Other retailers, too] The Google Home Max is down to $299 ($100 off) on the Google Store

The Google Home Max is Google's biggest, loudest speaker. It's really great, but it's also really expensive at $399. If you've been waiting for a discount, today's your day: the Max is $100 off on the Google Store, along with discounts on a handful of other Google goods.

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The Google Home Max drops to £200 (50% off) in the UK

When Google unveiled the Home Max back in 2017, I was thrilled about its high-quality audio, 4.5" woofers, and Smart Sound features. However, its $400 price tag made me rethink my decision, and I ended up buying a premium cast-enabled Sony speaker together with a Home Mini for less than $300. Since then, the Home Max has been marked down to $350, which still didn't make it affordable — at least to my eyes. If you live in Great Britain, though, you can get the device for half its original price thanks to a rebate on the Google Store, which is one the best deals we've seen so far on a Home Max — together with another one that brought it down to $262 .

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Rakuten's site-wide 15% discount brings Google Home Max to $340 ($60 off)

Back in November, Rakuten took a leaf out of eBay's book and offered a site-wide discount code for 20 percent off all items, leading to some pretty sweet deals on Google Home products. Now, the retailer has brought back its offer - and while it's just 15 percent off this time around, it's still well worth checking out. This promo can nab you up to $60 off some items, including the Google Home Max.

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Google Home Max is way down to $262 ($137 off) with coupon code at Belk

The Google Home Max is Google's biggest and best smart speaker, which makes it a front-runner for best smart speaker, period. It comes with a price tag to match, though, usually fetching $399. It's currently on sale all over the place for $349, but one retailer has an even better deal: department store Belk is selling the speaker for $262 — $137 off MSRP.

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[Update: Deals page is live, sales start 11/22] These are the Google Store's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Couldn't afford a Pixel 3 when it first came out? Google's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals significantly reduce the overall price of Google's latest smartphone in the US. Beginning with pre-Black Friday offers, Google has shared several new deals on its latest smartphone and other Made by Google products.

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[Deal Alert] Google Home Max down to $349 ($50 off) at Google Store, Best Buy, Target, and more

The Google Home Max was announced last October and went on sale in December, just in time for last year's holiday season. Since then, the pricey smart speaker has mostly kept steady at its $399 launch price, but now a number of retailers are knocking $50 off that number, bringing it down about 12% to $349. Supplies are scarce at some of these places, and this price may not be around for too long.

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Google Home Max goes on sale in Australia for $549 AUD on August 9

Google Home Max, the biggest, loudest speaker you can get from Google, launched late last year. The good ol' U-S-of-A remained the only place you could get one until this May, when it became available in Canada. This month, the Max will be available in a third country (and a second continent!): it goes on sale in Australia on August 9.

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Google rolls out fix for setting alarms and reminders on Google Home speakers

Asking a Google Home to set an alarm or reminder is a rudimentary use for one of those smart speakers. But it seems some users recently found that their Google Home failed to sound alarms and reminders that were set. Now Google is saying that a fix has been rolled out and those functions are working again.

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Tip: Use your Google Home to play white noise

Google Home users know that their smart speakers can help keep them entertained, or control their connected-home devices, but what about when you've had enough stimulation and just want to lie back, relax, and really zen the heck out? Well, with the right voice commands your Google Home can soon be helping you chill out to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach, a gentle spring shower, or even some neutral white noise.

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Google promoting Home Max on Chrome's New Tab Page

Google's new Home Max speaker is pretty great. It can become deafeningly loud, and includes Google Assistant. The only downside is the price - $400 is quite a lot for a speaker. It looks like Google is trying to sell more of them, because the company has placed a small ad for the Home Max on Chrome's New Tab Page.

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