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Google abruptly decides to shelve Hire recruiting tool

After only offering Hire for a bit more than two years and launching a dedicated Android app about a year ago, Google has decided to sunset its recruitment tool. The paid service allows smaller US companies to easily post job offers with automatic Calendar, Sheets, and Gmail integration, making it simple to sift through applicants and find the perfect match. Hire is still available through September 2020, so firms using it have due time to find an alternative.

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Google announces Hire, a new G Suite recruiting app aimed at helping small businesses save on hiring costs

Finding a job can often be difficult, but more and more services have popped up over the years that have helped many (including me) find work. On the other end of the spectrum, it can also be difficult for employers to attract strong talent and fill positions (which boggles my mind, frankly). There are options for those companies to find new employees, but leave it to Google to come riding in to save the day. The company has announced Hire, a solution tightly integrated with G Suite, that is meant to help small and medium businesses save on hiring and interviewing costs.

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