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[APK Download] Google Fit v1.51 Updated With 101 Activities And Fixes For Some Pedometer Bugs

The weather hasn't been particularly welcoming for the last few weeks, and it sounds like it's going to get worse. Even if the rain is falling, it doesn't mean there's an excuse to become a couch potato; the latest update to Google Fit can keep everybody in shape with a boatload of new activities to cover both indoor and outdoor workouts. There is also a big improvement to data collection with Android Wear that may significantly increase the accuracy of the step counter.

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Google Runs A Fit Developer Challenge To Fatten Up The Ecosystem And Make Everybody Healthier

We've all seen it happen. A great technology, service, or platform comes out, but without a solid base of users and apps, it fails to gain traction. Google wants to see the Fit API work out, and developers have been called upon to help make that happen. If you know how to write an Android app, and you've got a great idea for something that will get people off the couch and into the gym, you're invited to join the Google Fit Developer Challenge.

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Google Play Services 6.5 Rolling Out Now With Granular SDK Dependencies And New Features In Fit, Maps, Drive, And Wallet [APK Download]

Most of us don't want to think of Android without Google Play services. There's a good reason for that, without all of the tools Google offers, we would miss out on features like push notifications, integrated maps, and even newer things like Google Fit. Developers keep asking for more and Google is answering that call. With the latest release of Google Play services, new features are coming to Fit, Maps, Drive, And Wallet.

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Nike+ Running Steps Up, Gets Updated With Google Fit Integration

After both Runtastic and RunKeeper got updated with Google Fit integration in the past couple of weeks, it's Nike+' turn today. As one of Fit's initial launch partners, this update was expected and should come as a surprise to no one. All you have to do is launch the app once it's updated and follow the prompts to give it access to post its data to your Google Fit account. If you don't want to enable this feature, you can simply dismiss the prompt or later disable it under the app's settings.

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RunKeeper Updated With Google Fit Integration

The popular exercise tracker RunKeepr is getting an update today to work with Google's new fitness platform. The addition of Google Fit is the only change this time around, and it's an unassuming update. In fact, you might never know it was there unless you dig into the settings.

2014-11-05 19.55.43 2014-11-05 19.55.57

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of October 2014

During October we've been positively innundated with new versions of apps, mostly from Google as the company plasters Material Design over nearly its entire catalog. But there have been some notable launches as well, dominated by Google's own Inbox (and the scramble that comes from an invitation system). For some other highlighted picks from October and a few honorable mentions, read on.


Inbox by Gmail

Android Police coverage: Google's 'Inbox By Gmail' Email Replacement System Is Live, But Invite-Only For The Moment

Inbox is kind of a big deal as far as Google is concerned - it appears to be the new status quo for the company's email system going forward.

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Runtastic Gets Updated With Fit Integration, Will Synchronize Your Activity's Stats With Google's Platform

My love for Runtastic grows by the day. Not only is the service very useful to track my runs and hikes, but its Android app is almost always on the forefront of the latest Google and Android features and guidelines. Case in point: it was one of the first fitness apps to add support for Android Wear and it just got updated with Google Fit integration.

thumb-runtastic-google-fit-1 thumb-runtastic-google-fit-2 thumb-runtastic-google-fit-3

The first time you launch the app you'll be asked to give it access to your Google account (or you can find the option under Settings, Partner Accounts) so it can view and store activity information, location data, and body sensor data (presumably heart rate stats).

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Google Fit App Goes Live In The Play Store As Your New Activity Tracking Fitness Hub [Update: Website Too]

We've known Google Fit was coming for a while now, and there have even been some tantalizing leaks, but now the official app has arrived. Google Fit is a hub for all the fitness data being fed into Google's platform. It's compatible with just about any device under the sun, and looks pretty nice. It'll look best on Lollipop, though.

3 4 5

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Nexus 9 Gets The Video Hands-On Treatment, Shows Its Sleek Frame, New Lollipop App Drawer, And Some Camera Samples

I've never been to Vietnam, but (after seeing the earlier hands-on photos and now this video here) I'm tempted to check out airplane ticket prices for the country. I hear they have gorgeous landscapes, an interesting culture, and a bunch of geeks loose with Nexus 9s. One of them is parading in a coffee shop with a chocolate drink, a couple of books, and our coveted tablet. But I might be mistaken.

No, I'm not.

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[APK Teardown] Android Wear 1.0.2 Lays The Groundwork For Volume Adjustments, Watch Face Previews, Adds Google Play Services 6.1 For Wear

Late yesterday, Google began rolling out an update to the Android Wear companion app. Despite a sudden growth of over 2 MB in size, the app only seemed to change the text of a warning, and there were no visible changes on our watches. We knew there had to be something great hidden under the covers, and we were right. The companion app certainly has some interesting changes of its own, but it also acts as the delivery mechanism for a Wear-customized version of Google Play services, and there's a bit to talk about in there, too.

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