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Louisville becomes the first city to lose Google Fiber

Google Fiber is the tech giant's answer to overpriced, sluggish internet access, provided you live in one of the few areas where it's available. While Fiber has expanded to 9 states, Louisville, Kentucky has the unpleasant honor of being the first market to lose access to Google Fiber.

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Google Fiber coming to Louisville and San Antonio, but without TV

Google Fiber has been hitting a few rough patches lately; it turns out it's pretty expensive and difficult to lay down fiber internet. But Google thinks it can turn things around by shifting the service's rollout process. Today the company announced that Fiber will arrive in Louisville and San Antonio, but without the traditional TV add-on.

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Google's Fiber TV interface gets an Android TV-style overhaul

Google sells fiber Internet access and television service through the Google Fiber brand. Yeah, you might have forgotten that, since the rollout process is about as fast as continental drift, and even if you live in the US odds are overwhelming that you don't have access to it. Google also makes set-top box software called Android TV... which you might also have forgotten, since it's still pretty limited in terms of actual users. Fiber started in 2012, with Android TV starting in 2014, so they've never been running the same software, but they're getting a little closer now.

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Alphabet looks to slash costs of Google Fiber unit and cut workforce in half

Many of us have spent the last five years hoping beyond hope that Google Fiber would be deployed on our home turf. Fiber has been expanding little by little, but the costs are still astronomical. Alphabet CEO Larry Page has reportedly gotten fed up with Google Fiber burning through cash. He's demanded Fiber chief Craig Barratt cut his staff to 500 from 1,000 and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers to one-tenth of current levels.

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Google Fiber acquires high-speed ISP Webpass for access to markets in Chicago, Boston, Miami, San Diego, and San Francisco

Google Fiber is slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y making its way into more US markets, and its latest move is intended to make that rollout faster. The Google subsidiary has agreed to purchase Webpass, a high-speed Internet service provider that services residential buildings and businesses in parts of Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, and San Francisco. If you happen to live in one of these cities, you can check your building's access on the main Webpass site.

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Dallas becomes the next city that may get Google Fiber

Google Fiber is high-speed internet the likes of which most of us can only dream of. For a handful of states, Google's effort to get people online faster is already a reality. Roughly six metros are set to get the experience at some point in the future. Another dozen are being considered, and today Google has announced Dallas as the latest city to make that list.

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Google Is Rolling Cast Support Out To Fiber TV Boxes

You know how you still don't have Google Fiber in your area, even after offering to relinquish your immortal soul to Google? Well, there's about to be yet another reason to be sad about that. Google is preparing to add Cast support to all existing Google Fiber TV boxes. However, there are some weird restrictions.

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Google Releases Fiber App For Managing Accounts, Configuring Wi-Fi, Checking Speeds, And More

Account management apps aren't the most exciting pieces of software. Reading about one is liable to be even less interesting when you can't even get the service in your area. I understand. Having to write about Google Fiber when I can't get it doesn't feel much better.

But those of you in Fiber cities deserve coverage too.

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Google Fiber Rolls Out Landline Phone Option Costing $10 A Month

It's not often here at Android Police that we talk about good old-fashioned phones. No, not pocket computers. Not portable game consoles. Not point-and-shoot cameras. Just plain old, hold-up-to-your-ear, talk-using-your-mouth, keep-in-place-with-your-shoulder-instead-of-your-hands phones. But Google Fiber is giving us a reason.

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Google Fiber Is Coming To Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, And Raleigh-Durham

Dear residents of Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham—I now hate you. I am not alone in my unremitting dislike of you. Indeed, most of the web now despises you and your upcoming access to the holy grail of internet access, Google Fiber. Yes, Google is rolling fiber out to these four metro areas in the coming months. Congratulations, jerks.


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