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[Update: Correction] Deal alert: Buy a Home or Home Mini from Walmart, get a $25 coupon for your next Walmart order through Google Express

As the craziness of the biggest Google hardware launch ever winds down, we're seeing some more promotions pop up for the Googley goodness. According to the support page, you can score $25 off a Home or Home Mini if you order from Walmart and Express. While knocking $25 off the original Home is nice (similar to the Christmas sales last year), getting $25 off the Mini is a whole 50% off. Wow.

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You can now order items from Walmart through Google Express and Google Home

Nothing says 'the future' like asking your smart speaker to buy groceries for you. While the Google Home can't drive to the store itself, it can order them through Google Express. Google previously announced that it would partner with Walmart to offer easy voice shopping through Assistant, and now it's live.

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Walmart integration will offer easy voice shopping through Google Assistant

As the Google Assistant matures, it's gaining more and more abilities to help make our lives easier, but if there's one area it lags behind Amazon's Echo, it's shopping. That's unsurprising since it's Amazon's bread and butter as a company. A new partnership has just been announced that aims to help Google play catch up in this area. The company is joining forces with Walmart to offer quick and easy voice shopping through Google Express, which is also putting an end to membership fees.

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Google Express updated to include offline shopping list support, remove substitutions

It almost feels like Google has been toying with us recently when it comes to our shopping lists. They took the decision to move the Assistant's shopping list from Keep to Express, which angered many. It soon became clear that lists in Google Express were nowhere near as feature-rich, as you couldn't access them so easily, or share them with others, or use them offline. Here in the UK where Google Express isn't officially available, you're even linked to a just web version of your shopping list if you use the Assistant. Thankfully, for American users, Google has been working to repair some of the damage and the latest update includes offline support for your lists.

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[Deal Alert] $15 at Groupon buys you $40 toward your first Google Express purchase

If you have yet to make the jump into buying sundries via the internet, today's deal might at least convince you to give it a try. Right now you can spend $15 over at Groupon and get $40 to spend on your first order via Google Express. Depending on your area you might see different levels of service and varying retailers through the home delivery shopping service. But, if you're shopping for non-perishables goods, there is quite a selection. 

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Google Express app updated with shared lists and other features to accommodate the Assistant shopping list

There was a surprising amount of anger directed at Google several days ago when the Assistant shopping list was moved from Keep to the Home app. Rather than being a general purpose list, it is now tied into Google Express. Now, the other shoe has dropped in the form of an update to the Express app. It brings shopping list improvements that jive with the new Assistant shopping list.

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Google Assistant's new shopping list is live, here's how it works

When Google Assistant was first introduced, you could ask it to add items to your personal shopping list. This would create a note called 'Google Assistant shopping list' in Google Keep, and you could easily manage your list from the Keep app (or web app). It makes sense that your shopping list would be in the same app as your notes, right?

Apparently not to Google, because two days ago, a support article was updated to say the shopping list is moving out of Keep. Why? Because the new list ties into Google Express, so you can order what you need in fewer steps.

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Google Assistant's shopping list is moving out of Keep and into the Home app on April 10

I love having the Google Assistant shopping list in Keep. It means that I can access it whenever I want on the phone and the web, add items to it, and share it with my fiancé while we're in the process of furnishing our apartment. It also means that we don't have to worry about using another app: everything we need is organized in Keep and so is our shopping list.

But that's about to change soon, very soon, like this-Monday soon. A new notice is showing up for users when they open up their Google Assistant Shopping List in Keep telling them that changes are afoot.

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[Update: May enable Google Assistant on non-Pixels] Google App v6.13 "alpha" appears with support for Payments on Google Assistant, and prepares enhanced Offline Search, Lite Mode, Recent page, and much more [APK Teardown + Download]

Some users signed up to the Google app beta channel have been receiving an unusual "alpha" release of v6.13 update. It's not entirely clear if this was meant to find its way into the wild, and judging by many inoperable and buggy issues, I suspect it wasn't. All the same, it's out and contains some pretty interesting things. To begin with, this version enables some features that had previously been seen in testing like a page of recent search topics and lite mode. There is also a process to add payment information for use with Google Assistant. Diving into a teardown brings back some previously seen features and adds a couple of new ones to the list.

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Google Express Expands To Parts Of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, And Wisconsin

Google Express is one of those services that sound awesome on paper, but many of us still don't really know because it's only available in seven major metros that you could probably guess. Except now it isn't. Now it's also available in six states spread across the Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Google brought Express to Chicago roughly a year ago. Now the company is expanding the reach out to the surrounding area. It says this should open up the service to 25 million more people. Unfortunately, while Indianapolis and Milwaukee make the list, the cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Detroit do not.

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