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[Deal Alert] New customers get 25% off purchases through the Google Express app (up to $30 off)

If you’ve never taken advantage of the convenience of Google Express, now is a great time to change that. New customers can get 25 percent off purchases made through the Google Express app for a limited time. You can save a maximum of $30, but don’t forget to use the coupon code at checkout.

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Google Express no longer delivers items from Staples

Google Express has been around for years, allowing you to order items from multiple retailers through one central location. The service gained more popularity after the Google Home was released, since you could place orders using only voice commands, similar to Amazon on Alexa speakers. Now it appears one major store is pulling out of Express - Staples.

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[Update: It's back] Free alert: Get $15 in Target credit via Google Express just by saying three words to Assistant

Google Express sees discounts fairly often, but it's pretty rare to see credit being given away for free. But if you can say or type three words to Google Assistant, you'll be given $15 in Target credit for Google Express with basically no strings attached.

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Google is looking to turn product searches into purchases from select retailers with Shopping Actions

According to a report from Reuters, Google has been working on monetizing all the product searches that pass through it and almost inevitably go to Amazon by pointing buyers to other places they can purchase the same item. Search results won't be affected, so you'll likely still see Amazon among the top results if you look for something, but the sponsored shopping results will start showing products from its Shopping Actions partners.

Google has already teamed up with Target, Walmart, Costco, and Ulta Beauty, who are listing their products and linking their loyalty programs on Google Search, Google Express, and through the Google Assistant on phones and smart speakers.

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Google Express now lets you add NFC-enabled cards with a tap

A new feature has cropped up in the Google Express app: the ability to tap NFC-enabled credit cards to phones to add them as payment methods. Doing so will automatically populate the card number and expiration date fields, but you’ll still have to add the security code manually.

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[Deal Alert] Get 20% off on Google Express orders placed in the app (up to $20 off w/ coupon code)

Google Express can be a quick and easy way to get the stuff you need delivered to your door. Whether you just don't have the time to pick up toilet paper at the corner store or a lack of vehicle space prevents you from transporting that TV, Google Express is a good service to plug the gap. And now you can get 20% off (via coupon code, up to a total $20 discount) for orders placed in the Google Express app.

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[Deal Alert] Bose SoundSport Free truly wireless Bluetooth headphones now $199 at most retailers ($50 off)

Like it or hate it, more and more phones are dropping the headphone jack, which means Bluetooth headphones are changing from an optional benefit to a definite requirement as time goes on. For those looking to pick up a pair, Bose's SoundSport Free were one of Android Police's favorite "truly" wireless earbuds late last year, and now you can grab your own for just $199, a savings of $50.

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Google Express adds Overstock to its list of shops you can buy from

Google Express is kind of a central aggregate site you go to to make purchases from various stores. Instead of heading to different sites and adding your details to each, you have one central hub, and it's been adding more and more partners. Walmart is still one of the most important ones, but right now there are a little over 50 supported and Overstock has joined them.

I don't live in the US so I've heard very little about the store, but from my quick research it does seem to have a bit of everything with focus on home furniture/decoration and household products.

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[Deal Alert] You can net a Google Home Mini for $4 with the Google Express $25 Walmart promo

Some deals are nice, some are great, and some like this one can be a little too good. Remember that promotion Google Express had with Walmart, where if you buy a Google Home or Home Mini through the retailer you can get $25 off your next purchase on Walmart via Google Express? Well, that promo is still live and works with the already discounted $29 Home Mini and $79 Home.

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Make your next Target purchase from the sofa with Google Express

It's been a while since Google Express first launched, but the home delivery service has shown no signs of slowing down. Hot on the heels of Walmart, Google Express is now expanding to include Target among the list of stores you can order from, after a successful test of the service in California and NYC. Even better, it works with the Google Assistant (on some devices). Now all your favorite Target brands are just a click or shout from your doorstep. 

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