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Google celebrates Earth's 15-year anniversary

Google Earth has a long and storied history — though not quite as long as the planet it depicts. The product we all know as Google earth was released on June 28th, 2005. Though we're a few weeks separated from that, Google has taken today to celebrate its formal 15th anniversary. But, in fact, Google Earth's history stretches back a little further than that.

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Google Earth has a new search interface that shows featured content, search history, and more

Google has just announced that a new search "experience" for Google Earth has rolled out. In addition to simply being more attractive, the new layout shows your search history, offers featured content and must-see views, and lets you search for data layers as well as places.

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Take a world tour from your couch with these apps

With all of us stuck at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a supermarket run is starting to feel like the biggest excursion and adventure we can go on for the foreseeable future. Travel is out of the question, local trips are restricted in many countries, and even the simple idea of stepping out of your house is as daunting as an alcohol and paranoia party. I've been yearning for a vacation for a while — I even had a trip planned for May before all of this went down — but since that's been canceled now, I've found myself thumbing through old pics and 360 photos I've taken during my trips, reminiscing about better times and nicer places, then it occurred to me that I could do something similar but also discover new countries and cities I've never visited, all through the magic of Google Maps, Earth, and Street View.

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Google Earth View has more than 1,000 new wallpaper images for your phones and PCs

Some people fly on planes. Other people fly in their dreams. And while we'd have some idea of how it'd feel to be up there looking down on the world, thank goodness for the advent of camera-equipped satellites to give us the best views of our planet. And if you happen to like a good satellite image as your phone's wallpaper, you're now spoiled for choice as Google Earth has added over a thousand high-quality images available for download from its Earth View Gallery.

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Google Earth now lets you see the stars from your smartphone

Until recently, when zooming out in the Google Earth app to get a full view of the globe on your mobile device, you'd see our beautifully blue planet amidst a completely black background. However, thanks to what Google is crediting as advancements in mobile device processing power, you can now get a glimpse of the starry sky right from your phone.

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Google Maps adds whooshy new 'hyperdrive' effect as you browse the cosmos

Most of us aren't likely to get the chance to fly to outer space, much less walk on a planet that isn't Earth, but that hasn't stopped Google from helping us reach the stars from our smart devices. When Google introduced a space exploration feature to Maps in 2017, we all got to see our solar system in ways that simply weren't possible before. This week, a Redditor found that Google has added a fun hyperdrive animation that makes it feel like you're really being teleported to a new planet.

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Google and Santa are teaming up to bring the festive spirit to your devices (Update: APK Download)

Christmas Eve is only 20 days out, and as such, Google has teamed up with Santa's Elves just in time to spread the festive spirit around the world. Google Assistant will offer you fresh broadcasts from the North Pole Newscast every day, and the Elves have polished up the Google Santa Tracker, which lets you explore Santa's village starting today.

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Google Earth gets new map-based storytelling creations tools

Google Earth got a full makeover two years ago with support for modern web browsers and new apps. Google also rolled out the Voyager program with the new Earth, featuring stories from the BBC, The Jane Goodall Institute, and more. Now, the map-based storytelling tools used for the Voyager experiences are available to everyone in Google Earth on the web.

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Animated 24-hour clouds come to Google Earth on Android [APK Download]

If you fancy yourself a weather expert or you're obsessed about cloud patterns and movements or you simply enjoy earth's view from space and seeing how things evolve around this blue planet of ours, you can now do so from Google Earth. The app has added a new cloud animation layer that represents the last 24 hours of weather patterns across the globe.

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Google's 'Follow Your World' service shuts down next month because you didn't know it existed

Google launches a lot of things, and some of them don't survive. You're probably familiar with the high-profile deaths like Google+, Allo, and Reader, but there are numerous little-known services that never gain a following before Google kicks them to the curb. That's the case for Follow Your World, which shuts down next month.

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