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Plex now lets you watch ad-supported movies without an account

Plex is one of the best ways to upload your personal media collection to the cloud and make it available on all your devices. Last year, the service added a selection of free films to stream.  Now the latest update to the Android app has made it possible for users without Plex accounts to browse and watch these ad-supported titles.

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Google Duplex makes its way to New Zealand but only to check business' opening hours

Google's AI-based assistant that makes automated calls to businesses is starting to expand internationally. After a wide rollout in most US states, the service is now coming to New Zealand as part of a limited pilot.

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25 percent of Google Duplex calls are actually conducted by humans

Google's automated reservation service, Duplex, has rolled out almost all over the US (except for Kentucky and Louisiana) after it became available as a limited test following last year's announcement at Google I/O. Over time, the company has received both criticism and praise for it, and it was certainly very interesting to see the service growing. In an interim conclusion, Google has now stated that currently about 25 percent of calls placed through the Duplex service are actually conducted by humans, and that in about 15 percent of robot calls a human has to intervene at some point.

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[Update: Now in four more states] Google Duplex expands to 44 US states, coming to non-Pixel devices soon

At Google I/O last year, we got our first glimpse of Duplex, an AI that can place phone calls for you to secure dining reservations. Google rolled Duplex out in an extremely limited test late last year. Now, Duplex is coming to Pixel phones in 43 states, and non-Pixel phones will have access soon.

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Google Duplex is rolling out to non-Pixel phones in the US

Google Assistant already makes our lives so much easier by handling reminders, remembering flight information and calendar events, managing the lights in our homes, and recommending restaurants for us. Thanks to Duplex, it can even call the latter to make reservations on your behalf while you watch cat videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, the feature has been exclusive to Pixel devices since it came out in November and was limited to a couple of cities in the US. At the beginning of March, we reported Duplex would be available on non-Pixel phones in 43 American states within the following weeks. As expected, it is now expanding to a larger audience across the US.

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[Update: Now live] Your chance to try Google Duplex and its AI-reservation magic could finally be here — see what to expect

When we first got to see Google demo its new Duplex service at I/O earlier this year, it was an absolute eye-opener. Digital assistants were evolving to the point where they could effortlessly interact with the general public, able to handle the messy uncertainties of language well enough to make phone calls on our behalf. Ever since, we've been aching for a chance to put this power to use for ourselves, and for a lucky new group of users, that day is finally arriving.

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Google Duplex rolls out starting in November on Pixel phones

One of the most impressive (and unsettling) I/O moments happened earlier this year when Google showed off Duplex, an AI chatbot that can place calls for you like a robotic personal assistant. Google wouldn't confirm its plans for Duplex at the time, but it's almost ready for the general public. Duplex is hitting Pixel phones starting next month, but it won't be available everywhere.

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Google's Duplex voice-call AI catches attention of call centers, but Google insists current focus firmly on consumers

We've been seeing the natural-language abilities of the Google Assistant continuously evolve over the years, slowly getting better at listening to us and responding. A couple months back, though, we got our first taste of what could be a sea change for the Assistant's ability to effortlessly carry on conversations, as Google demoed its new Duplex AI tech. As we wait for Duplex testing to start rolling out publicly, a new report suggests that smartphone users aren't the only ones anxiously awaiting its debut, and that companies running big call centers are also taking a deep look at what Duplex could do for them.

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Chrome Duplex being renamed 'Duet' to avoid confusion with Google Duplex phone-call AI

Back in May, Google announced something called 'Google Duplex' at I/O. The feature would be able to call businesses using humanlike speech patterns to set up appointments or make reservations. But months before that, the Chrome team had already renamed its experimental 'Chrome Home' interface to 'Chrome Duplex.' Chrome Duplex is now being renamed again to 'Chrome Duet' to avoid confusion with the fancy new Google Duplex.

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Google posts new Duplex demo to show how Assistant will identify itself on the phone

One of the most interesting, and some might say unsettling moments at Google I/O 2018 was the demo of Google Duplex. We saw how Assistant could call a business and get you a reservation by talking to a real person. Google even added in weird human ticks like "umm." Now, there's a new demo video of Duplex, and this time Assistant identified itself.

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