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Google Duo lets you add more people to a group chat mid-call (APK download)

In any friend or family group, there's always that one person everyone forgets to invite to events. A birthday party without cousin Jamie, a friendly catch-up call without Billie the wallflower, or a department-wide happy hour video chat without Larry Jerry Terry Garry, all of these could be a thing of the past if you use Google Duo. The service now lets you add forgotten people to a group call after starting it.

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Google Duo revives screen sharing after killing it two years ago

Google Duo might be on the way out in the long-term, but right now, the developers keep adding feature after feature, with new stickers always flying in and Android TV support in the works. But one capability went MIA shortly after its initial release back in 2018: Screen sharing. After two years of absence, Google has re-announced it on Twitter, though it has yet to roll out to anyone using the service.

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Google Duo will soon be on Android TV in beta

We've been using video calls more than ever in the past few months, and probably will continue to for the foreseeable future. It's tough not being able to travel to see your loved ones, but Google is making things a bit easier by announcing beta Android TV support for its Duo video calling service.

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Google Duo picks up captions for audio and video messages

We aren't at the point yet where every Android phone is able to transcribe voice calls in real time, but what Google is doing with its video chat service Duo is a good first step: the app is now enabling captions for recorded voice and video messages.

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Happy 4th Birthday, Google Duo! May you live to see the 5th one 😒

Google Duo is celebrating its fourth birthday today; well, technically it was yesterday, but weekends don't count in the summer. While it couldn't throw a big party with an inflatable bounce house, a trampoline, a water slide, or a creepy clown —  quarantine obliges — that didn't stop us from baking a special cake for the occasion and inviting all its friends over for a socially-distanced video chat. Allo couldn't make it, Hangouts is still recovering from the continuous blows it has received, and only Meet showed up, parading like the latest miracle child.

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Google Duo may eventually be phased out in favor of Google Meet

Google currently has two video chat services, Duo and Meet. Duo is specifically a calling application, originally intended to be used alongside the now-defunct Allo messaging service, and Meet is a video conferencing utility. However, the two services have started to become more alike over the past few months, and a new report says the services may eventually merge.

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Get prickly with Google Duo's latest AR video effect

Looking sharp for your next video call just got a whole new meaning with Google Duo's latest addition. To celebrate the dry summer, the app is rolling out a fun new AR effect that lets you transform yourself into a cactus.

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Google Duo's AR effects can be applied in group video calls and before starting a call

Google Duo offers a lot of fun effects when you're on a video call, but until now, you could apply them in an ongoing one-on-one call. With the latest app updates, it's possible to pick an effect before the other person responds, as a fun surprise for them. Effects are also live in group video chats.

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Here's why you should use Google Duo for your video calls instead of Zoom

While Zoom may be the defacto video calling and conferencing app of 2020, many of us are probably using it more out of convenience than anything else. And while video calling and conferencing are two distinctly different things—a set time and place call-in meeting versus a often on-the-fly call-out chat—the lines between the two are increasingly blurred with so many of us working from home.

If you're looking to get out of the Zoom bubble for your smaller work meetings or social calls with friends and family, Google Duo is actually a pretty awesome option, and we'll break down just why that is in this post.

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Google Duo on Android expands group calls to 32 participants

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent quarantine it caused have made video calling services a mainstay of every household. While Zoom's popularity has skyrocketed, other services have done their best to catch up. Google's Duo added more features than we can count over the past few months, and upped the group call limit from 8 to 12 in March. That capacity has now been increased again to 32.

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