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Files Go can now back up files to Google Drive

The launch of Android Go is almost upon us, and Google is continuing work on its various first-party apps for the platform. Files Go, a simple file manager, first arrived in November of last year as a beta app. It exited beta in December, and there have been a few updates since then.

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Google Photos v3.14 may have dropped support for Jelly Bean, prepares to launch Favorites, teases Austin's Mysteryer feature [APK Teardown]

Version 3.14 of Google Photos just started rolling out a little earlier today. This one doesn't appear to have any new features or major changes, but it might possibly be leaving behind some older versions of Android. This update could also be preparing to launch the Favorites feature spotted in a previous teardown. Looking further into the APK's resources, there are also signs of more options related to Shared Libraries. And finally, Austin's Mysteryer feature takes yet another turn.

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Google Drive users can now comment on MS Office files, PDFs, and images


Google Backup & Sync for desktop gets a big update with ignored file types, photo/video-only sync, and more

Google completely revamped the desktop Google Drive client this year with the move to Backup & Sync. The initial rollout was a bit of a mess with Google essentially breaking Drive for some people. It eventually worked all that out, and Backup & Sync has been running smoothly since then. There haven't been many feature additions, but there's a big one rolling out now. In the latest version, you have more control over which files are synced, and it's easier to add new folders to Drive.

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IFTTT splits Google Drive service into Docs, Sheets, and Drive

Some modifications are rolling out to IFTTT right now that could change the way you use it. There are several new services, but that happens all the time. What's notable is IFTTT has decided to split Google Drive up into its constituent elements, so you may notice some changes to your applets.

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The Moon is an all-seeing, levitating robotic eyeball that can control your home [Update]

We've seen levitating Bluetooth speakers and connected smart cameras before, but the Moon, a fully funded Indiegogo project, melds those technologies in a $209 ($330 at retail) floating robotic eyeball and base that can also act as a smart hub for your home. That is, if it ever ships. The typical crowdfunding caveats apply. Some Indiegogo projects don't have much of a future, and this is 1-Ring's first.

The Moon, which comes from 1-Ring Inc., comprises a wide-angle lens embedded in a sphere made of plastic, aluminum, and rubber. When the smart camera is levitating above its base unit, it can give its owner a 360-degree scan of whatever room it's placed in.

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Some Nougat users can't back up their phones with Drive as it incorrectly shows "disabled by admin"

Another day, another inexplicable Google bug. This time we have Google Drive and backups in Android's settings. Some users, all of whom appear to be on Nougat, are seeing this message when they delve into their phone's settings to turn on backups to Google Drive: "Disabled by your admin."

You might think that this would happen if a G-Suite account is on the device and there's an admin blocking the feature, but nope. The users complaining don't have a G-Suite account on their device: they either never had one or they had it and removed it. You might think that this could be related to the device being recently factory reset and switched to a new account, but nope.

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Google will delete Android backups after two months of no device usage

We're all here because we use and like Android, but maybe you've been a little curious and you're thinking of trying out the new iPhone X for a bit. Well, make sure your iOS adventure doesn't last too long. It turns out Google won't keep your Android backups forever. In fact, it only gives you about two months.

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Google's Backup and Sync desktop app re-uploads backed up photos, fix coming in three weeks

Google just can't seem to get its act together with Google Drive. You may recall back in March that Google Drive for Windows automatically updated to 'Backup and Sync,' which broke syncing in the process. That was an unfinished version of the new Google Drive desktop app, which was officially announced in June. But now that the update is out, several major bugs have become apparent.

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