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[Update: WhatsApp Officially Acknowledges Slow Rollout] WhatsApp's Google Drive Backup Should Be Back Now And Working For (Almost) Everyone

The saga of WhatsApp's Google Drive backup option is only rivaled by the app's epic voice calls invite feature that we all had to endure for months. It's there, then not there, then it's back, only to disappear again, then wait it's hiding and only shows when it's time for a backup... but Rita, it's not working for me, and now it's gone for everyone, oh-oh look I got it with root and a few commands, and now it's on for everyone finally. We swear.

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Google Announces New Drive Plug-in For Microsoft Office, For Now Only Works On Windows And Not With The 2016 Beta

It's one thing to claim you have an open approach and another thing to make it easier to use your competitor's product. Google is putting their money where their mouth is as they release a Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office, though there is still some work to do. While on one hand you can see this as a way to help users avoid Docs, Sheets, and Slides, it also provides feature parity with Drive's own competitors OneDrive and Dropbox, both of whom enjoy deep integration with the office suite.


At this point, the plug-in only works on Windows and users are reporting that it doesn't function on the Office 2016 pre-release versions which will launch very shortly alongside Windows 10.

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Google Drive Now Lets You Prevent Others From Downloading, Printing, Or Copying Files That You Have Shared

To give file owners more flexibility when sharing files, Google has added a feature to Drive's web interface that can place additional restrictions on those who are given access to files. If you want a document to not only be read-only but also not inadvertently shared, you can now lock it down by preventing copying, printing, or downloading to user hard drives. For now you can only change the setting on the web, but it will work on all platforms.

You can change it by first using the "Share" button as you would when giving access to others any other time.

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[Weekend Poll & Discussion] Do You Use Google Drive? For What? Do You Like It?

Google Drive is becoming quite a big product. With Google Photos now being a thing (and deeply integrated with Drive), the subjugation of Docs, Sheets, and Slides under the Drive banner, and continued and increasingly powerful integration with apps and services on Android, the once fairly simple cloud storage locker is now quite a flexible product.

So, we're curious: do you actually use it? For what, exactly? Do you like Drive? For the purpose of this poll, "using" Drive should be interpreted to mean actively, not simply that you use apps or services which happen to make use of Drive functionality.

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Drive v2.2.233 Adds Multiple File Downloading And Sending, Vastly Improves Collaborator Interface [APK Download]

Google Drive and its host of specialized editors have been improving by leaps and bounds, this year. Over the last few months, we've seen big new features like drag and drop file management, Chromecast support, and much more. The latest update builds on top of the recently added drag and drop interface to give users even more ways to manage multiple files quickly. There is also an overhaul to the interface for selecting collaborators and viewers which makes the experience immensely better. Naturally, we've also got a download link to APK Mirror at the end of the post.

What's New

Multiple File Sending And Downloading

2015-06-25 23.31.302015-06-26 00.10.362015-06-26 00.10.45

Left: old version.

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Google Docs And Slides Now Let You Insert Images, While Sheets And Drive Get Other Improvements [APK Download]

There's a lot to cover on Update Wednesdays, so sometimes things slip onto Thursdays. Some of you have already played around with these files, but here's an overview of what has changed.

What's New?

Google Docs and Slides now let you insert images directly into your reports and presentations. You can import photos from your gallery or snap one on the spot.

Docs1 Docs2

When it comes to presentations, you can double tap images to enter crop mode. From there, drag any of the edges to get things to the right size.

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Google Drive Expands OCR Capabilities To Read The Text On Scanned Documents In Over 200 Languages

Optical character recognition, also known as OCR, is really an amazing technology. If you aren't familiar, it takes images and reads the text on them. For PDFs, it can make the words it finds searchable, selectable, and whatever else you may want to do with them. The better implementations of OCR work well enough that they pretty much make CAPTCHAs pointless. And while Google Drive has offered this function in English for over a year now, it is now rolling it out to over 200 different languages.


Doing so is easy as pie. In Drive, just go to an image or PDF and open it with Google Docs, like you see above.

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[APK Teardown] Drive, Docs, Sheets, And Slides Will Soon Offer Templates, Presentations Via Hangouts, Contact Chips For Collaborators, And A Secret Next-Gen UI (Maybe...)

Update Wednesday hit like a ton of bricks, this week. It didn't help that it also happened to land on tax day in the United States. Not only were there new versions for about a dozen apps from Google, but a couple of new ones joined the mix. Yet again, Drive and its associated document editing apps are gracing the Teardown stage with even more new improvements on the horizon. This time, we see that Drive is getting a chip-based interface for adding collaborators, Slides will allow for presentations over Hangouts, all of the editors are going to have stylized templates, and there might even be a Secret Next-Gen UI on the way (but probably not).

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WhatsApp 2.12.45 Adds The Option To Back Up And Restore From Google Drive

I know it seems that we have a new WhatsApp post every couple of days on Android Police lately, but it ain't our fault. The app's developers, specifically the Android team, appear to be drinking the good kind of kool-aid and kicking one new version after the other with not only bug fixes, but also lots of new goodies. So first there was the Web "client", then the saga of the voice calling feature rollout, followed by the Material design update, and now Google Drive is being implemented as a backup option inside the app.

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WhatsApp Could Soon Back Up And Restore Your Chat History And Media To Google Drive

If there's one thing I learned from upgrading several family members' Android devices over the past week, it's that people are really attached to their WhatsApp history. While my smartphone days kicked off in 2007 with switching to a new review unit every couple of weeks (followed by flashing a new ROM at least once a week in 2011-2012) and learning to let go of everything I couldn't bother to move around, most users aren't accustomed to losing their data. They want their new device to have exactly what their old one had: their contacts, chat history, photos, music, and so on.

WhatsApp currently offers a backup and restore function but it requires a certain level of geekery to be carried through: you have to look for the backup option, find the folder on your internal memory or SD card, figure a way to move it over to the new phone, then install WhatsApp and hope that you did everything right by the time the app launches so that it recognizes your backup and offers to restore it.

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