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Android Pay v1.35 adds long-press to copy, prepares for transit cards, collecting doodles, and more [APK Teardown]

As the shopping season closes in, it's important to be running the latest versions of any apps that do run financial transactions. Android Pay just got a new update to version 1.35 and it looks a little more involved than performance enhancements. Among the live features, you can now long-press most text fields and barcodes to copy the contents into your clipboard. A teardown also shows that Android Pay may soon have notification channels, support for transit cards, and a new promotional game that puts you on a quest for Doodles.

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New Google Doodle celebrates the discovery of seven exoplanets

Yesterday, NASA announced that it (along with international partners) had discovered seven Earth-size planets orbiting a single star. Even more importantly, three of them are located in the star's habitable zone, the range around a star where liquid water is possible. The solar system (named TRAPPIST-1) is unfortunately located 40 light-years away from Earth, so sending a probe or a person there isn't really possible for now.

Still, it's a very important discovery, and Google is commemorating the event with a Google Doodle.

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Google has mini-game doodles for every day leading up to Valentine's Day

As you probably know by now, Google has a tradition of changing the Google logo for various events, holidays, and birthdays. This year, the logo is being changed every day leading up to Valentine's Day, with a mini-game for each one.

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[Easter Egg] Tip: Use your phone's mic to blow out the candles on your birthday Google Doodle

There are many small things Google does to delight us all, from the hidden easter eggs in various apps and Android versions to the various Google Doodles you see each time you start Search. Speaking of these doodles, you must have seen a birthday doodle at least once. The design may have changed throughout the years, but there's always cake and/or candles to cheer you up.

But did you know that the latest iteration of the Google Doodle, which has been there for many months and maybe even more than a year, has a hidden easter egg? I didn't, and none of us here at Android Police did, until we received a tip about it from +Czifra János.

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Google now allows users to opt into receiving notifications when a new Doodle is posted

The Doodles that adorn Google's homepage have become a hallmark of the company's famously quirky spirit. Some of them are informative, some are inspirational, and some are even interactive. However, it's pretty easy to miss new images if you're not checking the Google home page daily or keeping close tabs on the official Twitter account of Google Doodles. Starting today, you can begin receiving notifications on your phone when new Doodles are posted.

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Google turns 18 years old - now it can index porn without lying at the age gate

Happy Birthday, Google, you're legally an adult now. According to the Google Doodle, anyway: the actual date that Google became a company is something of a point of contention. Google's own history says that it was incorporated in California on September 4th, 1998, with founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin setting up shop in a garage office in Menlo Park. A little less than two decades later it's the most dominant search engine on the planet, it develops the world's most-used operating system, it sells more advertising than a billion Times Squares, and it never turns down a chance to make its logo look weird on the home page.

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Google's Doodle gets fruity with Rio-themed minigames in the Search app

Olympic Games. Rio de Janeiro. 2016. Right, now that we've hit all of the ridiculous trademarks claimed by the International Olympic Committee and the cease-and-desist letters are already on their way, we can talk about Google's latest Doodles. As explained on the official Search blog, the company's latest fanciful logo reinterpretations hide a selection of minigames, all of which are rather vaguely themed after the upcoming events in Rio.

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Google Pays Tribute To Prince, Colors Play Music Purple And Designs A Custom Google Doodle

By now, you'll probably have heard that Prince died yesterday in his home in Minnesota at the age of 57. Today, Google is paying tribute to him with a 'Purple Rain' Google Doodle and by colouring Google Play Music's usually orange branding purple for the day.

Purple Rain was Prince's sixth studio album, as well as the last song on the record and also his debut film. Ever since, purple has been associated with Prince (he painted his rented house purple in 2006), so it is very fitting that Google has chosen to honor him in this way. It's a pity the Android version of Play Music hasn't gone purple for the day, though - the Android app surely gets more usage than the web version.

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