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[Update: 6th app, APKs] Google releases 5 experimental Digital Wellbeing apps

Google isn't slowing down its Digital Wellbeing efforts. A little more than a year after its release, the app has matured with new features, parental control integration, Chrome browsing monitoring, and has become mandatory for all Android devices going forward. That isn't stopping Google from testing new angles that could help you curb your screen time and better manage your phone usage. To that end, the Google Creative Lab has released five new experimental wellbeing apps.

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Google employs a cartoon yeti as a virtual tour guide in Verne: The Himalayas

Google's Creative Lab internal division certainly has a diverse body of work. Between all the experimental apps and weird web tools released under the name, you can find entries that range from novel to straight-laced and back again. The latest addition to the catalog falls into the former category. Verne: The Himalayas is a virtual tour of the world's highest mountain range, utilizing both Google's 3D satellite mapping technology and a cartoon abominable snowman.

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Google Creative Lab Releases The 'Meter' Live Wallpaper For Real-Time Stats On Your Homescreen

Google Creative Lab has released a few apps thus far that are described as "Android Experiments." Apps like Lip Swap were just for fun, but Meter is theoretically useful, and that's not something you can usually say about a live wallpaper. Meter shows you your signal strength, notification count, and battery life using colorful geometric shapes.

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Google Creative Lab Releases Three New Experimental Apps—Landmarker, Tunnel Vision, And Lip Swap

You don't hear a lot about Google Creative Lab, but it's had a hand in some of Google's most memorable ads and products. Google's Creative Lab is an outfit that basically comes up with (presumably) innovative ideas the promote the Google brand. Along the way, they've also made a few apps. Today there are three new apps from the Creative Lab, all of which are appropriately offbeat.

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