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We're ending support of Google Contributor 2.0 / Funding Choices because it's a huge mess and bad for our readers

As you may have noticed, we have been running Google Funding Choices for the past month or so on Android Police. Today, I'm announcing that we're pulling support for it. Funding Choices is riddled with issues, and we get feedback about buggy or just plain awful behavior - like the whole site being blocked - every single day.

Funding Choices and Contributor 2.0 are easily the most beta products I've ever tested from Google, and are not ready for prime time. Even after launch, navigation on the backend dashboard site was not working properly, stats weren't updating, and are to this day a hacky collection of Google Sheets documents.

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[Update: Site is live, more details] Google launches Funding Choices, a way for users to pay sites to hide ads

You may recall Google Contributor, which was a service by Google that allowed users to pay a monthly contribution to see fewer ads online. Your money would directly substitute the money earned by the site for advertisements. Contributor was discontinued in late 2016, with Google saying that an improved version would become available in "early 2017."

Today, the company launched Funding Choices, the successor to Contributor.

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Google Contributor has been shut down

Back in 2015, Google launched a service called Google Contributor, which allowed users to pay a small amount of money per month to see fewer AdSense ads on their favorite websites. The service never expanded outside the United States, and last month, Google announced it would shut down "mid-January 2017."

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Google Contributor is being discontinued in favor of a newer iteration due in early 2017

Google Contributor was a very interesting proposition for those of us in the web publishing industry. It allowed sites like Android Police to offer readers an option to pay a little bit of money per month to remove some ads and thus have a better experience reading us while also helping us stay in business. It was launched in August of 2015 and has thus far stayed limited to users in the US. Today though, Contributor is being discontinued.

Users are receiving an email that explains that there's a new and improved version of Contributor that will launch "early next year" and that, in the meantime, the current Contributor will be discontinued.

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Google Contributor Is Now Open To Everyone In The US, Subscribe To Hide Some Ads And Throw The Sites You Love A Buck

After having been available to some users as a beta for over half a year, Google Contributor is now available to everyone in the US.

Great, now I can contribute to Google!

Eh, not quite. Google Contributor's purpose is to free you from ads. Not all of them, mind you, but some. Pay $2 - $10 a month to remove anywhere from 5 - 50% of those banners and animated squares you see on the web. This money then provides an alternate way to fund the sites you frequent.


Here's how things work in the background. Contributors become bidders on AdSense, and the ads they outbid are the ones they don't have to see.

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