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Google Cloud Print will shut down after 2020, following 10-year beta period

Printers are universally terrible, but Google Cloud Print was a noble (and largely successful) effort to make them better. The service allowed people to connect printers to their Google account, allowing print jobs to be sent over the web effortlessly, instead of dealing with drivers and other time-consuming utilities. Sadly, Cloud Print will be laid to rest next year, with the service completely shutting down in January 2021.

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Tip: You can ask Google Home and Assistant to print your calendar, sudokus, and more

In the list of Google's Home control partners that we found a few days ago, you may notice one interesting mention: HP Printer. We're not sure how long it's been there, but as the name suggests, Google Assistant and Home can issue printing commands which work with your HP printers.

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Google Cloud Print Gets Its Own Material Makeover [APK Download]

Google Cloud Print has recently received a material redesign of its own. You would be forgiven for thinking that the printing service wasn't its own app, given how it's tucked away with your device's other settings. But when you do go to "add a printer," you are, in fact, kicked out to a different app.

It just doesn't look like it.

What's New

Cloud Print has gone Material. Everything's bright white, the sidebar slides out on top of the action bar, and the new color palette matches the settings menu in Android 5.0.

Screenshot_2014-11-12-22-19-08 Print2 Print3

Cloud Print also has a new icon, but since it doesn't sit in your app drawer, you probably won't see it all that much.

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