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[Update: All gone] Google Clips now available in the Google Store, but deliveries aren't expected until March

Three months ago Google announced the Google Clips, a tiny clip-on camera powered by some impressive machine learning technology. The idea behind it was that rather than require you to choose when to take a photo, you could trust the device to make that decision itself, so parents hoping to capture special moments with their kids don't also have to take themselves out of the moment to do it. And today you can finally order one, though delivery dates are currently set as far out as March. 

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Hands-on with Motion Photos: Google's version of Apple's Live Photos

Google's new Motion Photos might have flown under your radar when it was announced last week in the context of the Google Clips, but that's not surprising—there was a lot going on. Since then, we've reached out to Google for more information and, combined with our own hands-on, we've got a good understanding of what goes into a Motion Photo.

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Weekend poll: Which of the products from Google's event do you find the most interesting?

This has been an exciting week. Now that the dust has settled from Google's event on Wednesday, we've been digging into the details of each product a bit more, and there's a lot to look at.

Google's announcement wasn't just about the new Pixels. The company presented a broad portfolio of first-party products during the event. Some of them were a bit more exciting to hear about than others. But everyone has their own opinion.

With all that in mind, which of the products from Google's event do you find the most interesting?

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Google announces the Google Clips, a tiny $249 camera of dubious utility

As part of today's announcement, Google revealed the new Google Clips, a tiny camera equipped with Moment IQ machine learning meant to capture "motion photos," from "unique perspectives." It automatically chooses which moments to record. I'm at a bit of a loss to determine a use-case for it, though.

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