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Chromecasts and Assistant speakers keep disappearing from the Google Home app for some, making them near useless

Google's smart home speakers and Chromecasts are great when they work. You can throw any supported content on them and have it play almost instantly, without worrying about hardware compatibility and app availability as you'd have to on set-top boxes or consoles. However, Google's offers are only great when they really do work. That isn't the case for some users, with their Chromecasts and Homes repeatedly disappearing from the Home app, rendering them effectively useless for many cast-enabled apps.

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Get a second-gen Chromecast for just $9 in-store at Walmart, a crazy $16 off MSRP

For just $9, this second-generation Chromecast deal at Walmart is a no-brainer. I like keeping a couple of extra Chromecast dongles around for that relative who wants to stream "the Netflix" from their decade-old TV, and this is a good chance to stock up on them.

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YouTube Kids support comes to Google Home, Cast TVs, and Smart Displays

Let's face it: some corners of YouTube are just plain disturbing. To save our children from seeing the dankest of memes before they're ready, YouTube Kids exists — a platform where you can set limits on what sort of content your little one can see, how long they can watch videos, and even whether or not they can use the search bar. Google is now broadening YouTube Kids' reach by expanding support to Google Assistant-enabled Smart Displays, Google Home, and Cast TVs.

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More Assistant-triggered visualizations are coming to Chromecast, plus per-device casting defaults for Google Home

Back at I/O 2017, Google showed off what it called "contextual visual responses." Put simply, they were visual feedback for Assistant-based queries on your Chromecast. Earlier this year, we spotted the first of these in the wild for weather, and next up was YouTube. Now Google is revealing that even more of these visual results from the Assistant will be coming to Chromecasts. In related news, Google is now formalizing the announcement of a feature which landed last year, allowing you to set default media playback devices.

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Google's Chromecast Now Available From Amazon For $35, Ships Immediately For Free

Ready for your Chromecast but aren't down with the more-than-two-week wait to get it directly from the Play Store? No worries, Amazon will be your Huckleberry – it has the unit available now for $35, with no shipping costs, and you should have it in just a few days' time.


For those who may not have been around for the news, the Chromecast is an HDMI dongle that plugs into your TV and allows you to beam videos, movies, music, and more directly from your tablet, phone, laptop, or Chromebook Pixel. It currently works with YouTube, Netflix, Play Music, Play Movies & TV, and a few others that should cover basically all your bases.

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