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Google releases 12 new colorful themes for Chrome, including Just Black

The past couple of years in Google design can be summarized as this evolution: adding colors, then making things whiter, then offering a black option. Chrome on the desktop has always been white, so what it lacked where the colors and black, but thanks to a dozen new themes, you can now paint your browser with many new shades, including a Just Black option.

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[Update: Now on MacOS] Native dark mode in Google Chrome for Windows 10 now available in Canary channel

The overwhelming demand for dark modes in apps is beginning to see serious results now, to the point where 2019 could be the year we see system-wide dark modes across all the major platforms. Windows 10 has already implemented this, but it relies on app developers to do their part, which Google is now doing for the Chrome browser.

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Chrome is integrating the Google Password Manager UI natively

Chrome's developers have been busy lately. Just today, we spotted a Sneak Peek feature that loads a link in an overlay on the same page, and now we've come across another flag in Chrome Dev/Canary that brings an updated interface to your passwords, integrating the Google Passwords UI natively without redirecting you to a webpage.

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Google is testing a new "Explore" UI in Chrome's new tab page, can be enabled in flags

Google appears to be testing a new content discovery interface in the Chrome browser's new tab page called 'Explore,' and you can access it on Android right now by enabling an experimental flag.

The interface is clearly in its early stages, and contains a large number of placeholder sites at the moment - most of them of specific interest to Indian users. I don't actually think this suggests the feature will be targeted to the Indian market, necessarily, just that the websites appearing in this new UI have been chosen as examples by whoever is in the process of developing it.

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Chrome OS Canary build now hides top browser UI when scrolling in tablet mode

Most mobile browsers hide the top of the browser UI when you scroll down the page as a way to save space. Now, Chrome OS may start doing the same thing in certain instances. As usual, this change has appeared in the Canary build first.

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Google designer Hannah Lee spent a year looking at boxes for Chrome 69

Chrome recently turned 10 years old, which is quite difficult to believe as it seems like only yesterday I was fighting Internet Explorer on Windows XP. In that time, it’s become the most-used web browser, accounting for over 60 percent of web traffic. A month before its release, Internet Explorer and Firefox led with 60.4 percent and 32.4 percent respectively. 

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Google Chrome was first announced 10 years ago today

Chrome is easily one of the most important products Google has ever released. It started an evolutionary shift for web browsers by introducing sandboxing and rapid release schedules. Fast forward to today, and Chrome is the world's most popular web browser and serves as the operating system for a rapidly-growing ecosystem of laptops. Today marks the 10th anniversary of Google Chrome's initial announcement.

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Chrome 66 includes experimental 'Modern Design UI,' updates the media player, and more [APK Download]

It has been about a month since Chrome 65 was released, so it's time for another update. Google's browser has now moved up to version 66 - cue the 'Order 66' jokes. This update has plenty of changes, including two major interface revamps hidden behind flags.

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Google blocks crypto mining extensions from Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is a hotbed of sketchy browser extensions, with seemingly little intervention from Google (except for the occasional crack-down). The company already takes down extensions that secretly mine cryptocurrency, but now it is going a step further. Starting today, all extensions that mine cryptocurrency will be barred from the Chrome Web Store.

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Chrome will soon finally support casting local files

If you've ever used Chrome's casting functionality, you've likely come across one of its more frustrating shortcomings. While it works great for casting an online video, a tab, or even your entire screen, Chrome simply cannot cast a local audio or video file natively, forcing you to resort to using a third-party extension or standalone app. Fortunately, the Chrome team is currently experimenting with adding the ability to cast local files directly from within the browser, according to the well-known Googler and 'Chromium evangelist,' François Beaufort.

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