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Google introduces a beta program for Cast for Android TV

The Google Cast Receiver app is necessary if you want to cast to your Android TV as if it were a Chromecast. Unfortunately, it's had pretty poor reviews since its release and it's about time Google did something about it. In a bid to improve the experience for developers working with the Google Cast SDK, and in turn make the app less buggy, the company is opening up a beta program that will offer early access to the latest features.

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[For Developers] Google Cast SDK Updated With Media Player Library Improvements And Native Support For Subtitles

Very few things are as pleasing to a developer than deleting large blocks of code that aren't needed anymore. That's exactly what many developers of apps targeting the Chromecast are going to be doing this week after an update to the Google Cast SDK. The changelog (dated July 8th) is pretty long, but it mostly boils down to a few new classes that add built-in support for closed captioning (subtitles), improvements to the Media Player Library, and a few other bug fixes.


While this update packs relatively few noteworthy new features, its most significant addition is built-in support for subtitles. Previously, developers were left up to their own devices to add closed captioning if they chose to.

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Google Cast SDK Gets Final Release As Play Services 4.2 Is Rolled Out To All Devices – Prepare For The Flood Of Chromecast Apps

Google announced the final version of the Google Cast SDK and Play Services 4.2 early this month, but it wasn't quite ready for the public. Developers were asked by Google to hold off until the new services framework was finalized, and today is the big day – it's open season on the Chromecast.


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[Bug Watch] Duplicate Entries And Unsupported Devices Appearing As Casting Targets With Google Play Services 4.2.39 [Update: Partially Fixed]

The Google Cast SDK is only just escaping its confines as a developer preview, so it’s not surprising to see a few bugs turning up in some odd places. A couple of simple, but potentially telling glitches started appearing after Google Play Services 4.2 began rolling out a few days ago. This latest update is causing the list of Cast targets to fill with incompatible DLNA-enabled devices and duplicate Chromecasts.



There are two slightly separate, but possibly connected issues. The first and most obvious is a doubling of every Chromecast on the network. This appears to be limited to audio-only apps like Play Music, not video streaming apps like YouTube or Play Movies.

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AllCast Regains Chromecast Support Less Than A Day After The Release Of The Google Cast SDK

AllCast pushes locally stored videos and photos to various AirPlay/DLNA connected devices such as Smart TVs, the Xbox 360 (and the Xbox One), Roku boxes, and, originally, the Chromecast. Ultimately, Google released an update that broke AllCast's Chromecast support. But the company finally released the Google Cast SDK yesterday, and then, after getting prodded by a member of the Google Chomecast team to re-add support for Chromecast, Koushik Dutta returned the functionality to his app in supposedly under 20 minutes of work.

What's new:

  • Chromecast support! (Requires new Google Play Services 4.2.34)
  • Better song info when playing music on DLNA or Roku
  • Power/wake leak fixes
  • Better photo support for DLNA
  • Fix for duplicate device entries in list
  • Fix crash on start
  • Fix AllCast running and eating battery when YouTube or Netflix are in use

To enjoy this reunion, you need AllCast version and Google Play Services 4.2.34.

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Google Finally Opens Up The Chromecast To Developers With Release Of Google Cast SDK, Now Part Of Google Play Services 4.2

The Chromecast is cheap, affordable, and easy-to-use. Great. That's almost all you need to have a stellar product. Unfortunately, it's been held up by a lack of content. If you want to cast something that hasn't been made by a handful of providers, you've been largely out of luck. But this situation is hopefully about to change. Today Google has released the Google Cast SDK. This way additional developers can finally build Chromecast support into their apps and websites.

With this release, the Google Cast Android API has been incorporated with Google Play Services. It requires version 4.2, which Google has scheduled to roll out starting today.

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Chromecast Updated To Build 12940 With Stability/Discovery Enhancements, Google Cast SDK Bumped To v1.0.1

The Chrome team is pushing out an update to all the good little Chromecasts of the world. This one doesn't come with any changes to the UI or new features, but it does promise to improve the stability for Google Play Movies playback, and should make Chromecast devices discoverable on more networks. You won't need to do anything to get this installed on your end, the OTA will automatically download and install when it's your turn.


If you happen to be developing an app with the Google Cast Preview SDK, you will want to check out the latest update to v1.0.1.

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