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Google Calendar Web And API Now Support Adding File Attachments To Events Via Google Drive

No longer a labs option, file attachments in Google Calendar are going to the stable channel. A feature oriented towards shared events, this can allow you to share important information that can't be captured in a written description. It is live now on the web and the API is ready for use, which means we should see app developers taking advantage in the near future.


You'll see that "add attachment" option when creating a new calendar event, and when clicked you will see something like this:


That should look familiar if you've shared files on the web with any other Google product in the recent past.

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Todoist Integrates With Evernote, Google Calendar, And GitHub, Announces More Robust Developer Platform And $10,000 Hackathon

The current trend with to-do managers is for them to integrate with note-keeping and/or calendars. After all, a task you need to finish before a deadline does deserve its spot in your schedule and a note you're adding may require a reminder and a to-do date. Todoist understands that and is thus expanding on its API, announcing a full-fledged Developer Platform with a global Developer Challenge, and launching integration with Evernote, GitHub, and Google Calendar among others.

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Google Calendar's SMS Notifications Will Not Be Available After June 27th

There was a time, several years ago, when SMS notifications were very handy. Twitter, Google Calendar, and many other services, used the 160 characters to let you know of any changes to your schedule, new mentions and direct messages, and surfaced other useful information to you. But in today's age, where smartphones are so ubiquitous and you could get one for less than $100, SMS is taking a step back to regular notifications from installed apps.

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Amazon Echo Now Includes Voice Commands For Google Calendar Functions

Amazon's voice-controlled, web-connected life manager thing, the Echo, is about as close as you can get to a conceptual product while still asking people to pay for it. But to its credit, Amazon seems to be constantly improving Echo by expanding its functionality. The latest update makes Echo compatible with Google Calendar (one of the web services offered by Google that Amazon doesn't directly compete with) thanks to a selection of voice commands.

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Google Calendar 5.2 Brings Back The Month View On Phones [APK Download]

Google Calendar is meant to be precisely that, a calendar. The app serves as the default way you keep up with events and appointments on a stock Android device. As a result, some users were a little miffed when the big 5.0 redesign stripped the app of its ability to display a month's worth of events on a phone's screen at once.

With 5.2, that changes.

What's New?

5.1 could show a single day, three days, or a week.

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Some Users Are Seeing Calendar Agenda Cards And Combined Travel Cards In Google Now

Have you noticed anything new when you open the primary Google Now interface? Probably - Google seems to be adding more stuff all the time, including support for integration with third-party apps. Over the last few weeks we've been getting tips about a new Calendar card, an agenda view for upcoming busy days, from a variety of Android Police readers. The rollout on this one seems particularly slow - don't be surprised if you don't see it for several weeks more.

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Google Calendar 5.1 Hotfix Update Fixes The 'Unable To Launch Event' Error When Downloading APKs And Other Files [APK Download]

When Google updated Calendar to version 5.1 last week, it introduced a bug that hit users with an "unable to launch event" message whenever they tried to launch an APK downloaded using Chrome or the stock Android browser. Now the company has pushed out a hotfix update intended to do away with the problem.


This bug prevented some users from launching the apps they downloaded in our APK download posts, but we were able to get around this issue by rolling out a server tweak for APK Mirror.

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Google Calendar Updated To v5.1 With Option To Disable G+ Birthdays, 7-Day View On Phones, And More [APK Download]

This update Wednesday is looking like a good one already. We've got a new version of Google Calendar and it's significant enough that Google provided a changelog on Google+, which is rare. There's some awesome stuff here, and you can download the APK below instead of waiting.

2015-02-25 11.33.38 Screenshot_2015-02-25-09-21-28 Screenshot_2015-02-25-09-21-44

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Google Calendar Chrome Extension Gets Material In Version 2.0

Some of you wanted AP 2.0 to be all Material Design and FABs and circle avatars and cards. While we can't do that, here's another 2.0 update that might quell the Material need burning within you. Google Calendar's chrome extension recently got a bump to 2.0 and it's exactly what you want it to be.


If you're rejoicing from the overdose of MD in Google Calendar on your Android phone, you probably shuddered every time you opened the extension on your browser and saw those archaic design elements still being used. With v2.0, the extension should look in line with your Android experience, displaying your upcoming events and making it easy to add new ones from the pages you're browsing.

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New Version Of Google Calendar Is Rolling Out Soon With Material Makeover, Events From Gmail, And More

You can cross another one off your list—Google Calendar is getting its material design update today for Lollipop devices, according to Google. It's not just the design, though. The new version of Calendar is adding some awesome features and new layouts too. It's a big, big deal. This is usually where I tell you we have an APK for you, but we don't (it's out "in the coming weeks"). We do, however, have all the details for you to salivate over.

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