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[APK Download] Google Calendar now finds when you're free when you schedule an event

A couple of months ago, Google's Calendar app received an update that allowed users with an Apps or Edu account to schedule meetings with multiple people based on when everyone was available. While Google Apps users are often last on the pecking order, this time it was regular users who didn't have access to the new "Find a time" feature, likely due to privacy concerns (it's one thing to share your work calendar with your coworkers, but entirely another to share your personal calendar with anyone with your email address).

The newest version of the Google Calendar app doesn't yet let regular users resolve schedule conflicts with other people, but it does the next best thing by solving conflicts with yourself.

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[It's The Little Things] Google Calendar Now Automatically Detects And Dials Passcodes For Conference Calls

Those of you who have to frequently deal with conference call meetings have probably faced more than one where an access code or a passcode was required to let them in. It's a security measure that helps the host make sure that no unwanted guests will sneak in, but it usually ends up being a pain in the butt of those who have been officially invited and who often have to scramble around looking for that passcode and curse for having to manually dial it in each time.

Google Calendar is about to make things a lot easier for invitees. When the passcode or meeting ID is detected in the event's location or notes field, it will offer to automatically dial it for you, saving you from hunting down the passcode and memorizing it then manually entering it.

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Google Calendar On The Web Gains Sleek, Less Intrusive Event Reminders

When you create an event in Google Calendar, you have multiple options for how you want to be reminded. Google can shoot you an email or text, though if you know you will be at your desktop, a pop-up notification may be better. But those things can also be pretty intrusive.

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[APK Download] Google Calendar 5.5 Brings 'Find The Time' For Apps And Edu Accounts And An Inverted Status Bar

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means: updates! Today, Google Calendar is receiving some attention, with version 5.5 rolling out. The big change is Apps and Edu accounts gaining 'Find The Time', which... finds time for your meetings, unsurprisingly. Unfortunately, it's not available for normal Google accounts, which is a bit of a shame, but it's understandable given the privacy implications of having your calendar available to the public.

'Find The Time' is for people who have a lot of meetings. It looks at the schedules of the participants, finding a time when all are free to attend, even if they're in different time zones. If there is no time everyone can make, Calendar will try and reschedule other meetings to fit this one in.

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Amazon Alexa Voice Control System Updated With Google Calendar Compatibility


Google Calendar Helps You Stay On Top Of Your Exercise And Skill Goals [APK Download]

Our lives keep getting busier every day and that's not an understatement. If you've been wanting to learn a new language or practice a new hobby or add some exercise into your daily life, you've probably hit a wall when it came down to scheduling time for it repeatedly every day or week. Google Calendar, which is turning 10 years old today, is here to the rescue in its latest release.

With version 5.4 comes a new Goals feature that helps you set up your exercise, skills, or custom goals. You get to choose the frequency, preferred time of day, and duration, then Calendar does the heavy lifting of looking through your schedule and figuring out the most appropriate timeslots to help you achieve your goal.

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Google Finally Launching Reminders For Calendar On The Web

Google added reminder support to Google calendar late last year, but the feature felt oddly incomplete without full support for reminders on the web. That's a thing now, so you can create and manage reminders in Google Calendar on the web. It's not showing up for me just yet, but everyone should see reminders on the web soon.

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[APK Download] Google Calendar Adds Smart Event Suggestions And 54 New Country Holidays

Most of us rely on our Calendars to tell us where we need to be and what we need to do. Few calendars, however, take into account public and religious holidays, so we often end up scheduling meetings on these off days or putting deadlines right after them. Google Calendar has long been able to show public holidays from many countries around the world, but it's now adding 54 more for a total of 143. Lebanon, for example, is among the new additions. Yay! These holiday calendars can be enabled from Settings > Holidays and then choosing one or several countries to display.

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Google Calendar Gets A Set Of New Illustrations To Accompany Events In 30 Languages

Google Calendar 5.x is quite the visual experience. Sure, the relatively unorthodox way it goes about listing events rather than showing you a grid of dates may not feel as Calendar-y out of the box, but boy is it pretty. And now it's prettier. Google has added new illustration to accompany more of your events.

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Amazon Echo Update Brings Support For Shared Google Calendars

Amazon's goal for Echo is to make the little plastic cylinder, and the lady named Alexa who lives inside it, an integral part of your home. Give Alexa commands and she responds either with information you would have to look up yourself or turn on things that would require you getting up and walking across the room.

Your Google Calendar is one of the things Alexa knows how to read. But now, she can also read shared ones too.

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