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Google adds more accurate visualizations for shorter meetings in Calendar

Keeping track of everything going on these days can get hectic. Luckily, there are apps like Google Calendar that help to manage busy schedules. Google is now updating the way shorter events are displayed on the calendar to make them more accurately reflect the correct length.

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Google makes Juneteenth an official Google Calendar holiday

Google has silently added Juneteenth to its official US holidays calendar. Also known as Freedom Day or Jubilee Day, Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865, the day that the last enslaved Black Americans were freed in all of the US. While emancipation had officially begun in 1863 and the Civil War ended two months prior to Juneteenth, it was not until this day in 1865 that the last slaves were freed from bondage in the state of Texas, where the Union army was slower to arrive in sufficient numbers to enforce Lincoln's famed proclamation.

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You may soon be able to call 'out of office' on the Google Calendar app

We all need to put up the "out of office" flag every once in a while for an urgent event or some off-time. Those who've been on a G Suite team for the past couple of years could actually schedule OOO blocks on the web version of Google Calendar. Now, we've just gotten a look at how the feature may translate on mobile if and when it ever rolls out widely.

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Google Calendar's integration with Tasks is going live for some

Google's to-do management strategy has never been its strong suit. Between a pretty basic Tasks app and reminders that have suffered from countless issues going back to 2017, things are sparse and unclear. Calendar has been trying to become the one-stop solution for this disjointed strategy and you can already use it to manage your reminders on web and mobile, as well as create and edit tasks on the web. The last piece of that puzzle is task support on mobile, and that's finally starting to show up now.

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The best free and open-source alternatives to Google Calendar on Android

We started our new series of open-source alternatives to Google apps with a list of Gmail-type applications, and now it's time to check out ones that mirror the functionality of Google Calendar! If you're looking for something more privacy-conscious, or if you just want to see what independent Android app developers are up to, we've compiled some of the best open-source calendar apps for Android right here.

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Google is working on Tasks integration in Calendar app

It seemed like Google Tasks had been on the way out for a long time, but last year, Google decided to breathe new life into it and launched a dedicated Android app for the service. Even though the application has received some welcome additions over the last months, you could unfortunately never add tasks straight from the Google Calendar app (that's only partially possible on the web right now), but Google is working on changing just that. XDA Developers managed to manually activate a Tasks integration in the latest Calendar release, 2019.47.2.

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Gmail will let you propose new meeting times and add notes to calendar invites

Google introduced an option to propose new meeting times in Calendar last year that helps you reschedule when you can't make it. Since the feature is somewhat hidden (you need to click an event in Calendar to make it show up), the company has decided to make it accessible via invites in Gmail, while also introducing a deep link for note taking.

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Google Calendar app finally lets you move events between calendars

The Google Calendar Android app has always lagged behind its counterpart on the web, though it did catch up a bit last year when Google introduced event copying and duplicating to the application. It's still never been possible to outright pass events from one calendar to another, making appointment organization on mobile a chore – until now. Google is flipping a server-side switch for some people that finally lets them simply move an event.

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Google preps vertical scrolling in Calendar's month view

Google is constantly working on little usability improvements across all of its apps, and that's no different for Calendar. Code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong peeked into the application and managed to activate vertical scrolling in the month view, replacing the horizontal navigation that's been with us for years.

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Try '' or '' in your browser to add a Google Calendar event

For some of us, task and calendar management is a chore on its own, and the faster we can do it the better. Assistant helps a bit, but now there's a quicker way to add an event from your browser, while sitting at your desk, thanks to Google's .new top level domain.

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