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Google's Calculator reaches 500 x 1,000,000 installs on the Play Store

Between being preinstalled on many Android devices and generally available for users to download on the Play Store, it's little surprise that Google’s Calculator app is doing pretty well for itself. Last January the app hit the 100 million installs milestone, and now less than two years later it’s already up to 500 million.

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Google Calculator v7.7 displays fractions alongside decimal results [APK Download]

Your parents probably told you that you should pay a lot of attention in math classes since you won't always carry a calculator with you. Yet here we, casually carrying devices in our pockets that are as good at solving equations as supercomputers were back in the 80s. Alongside using this computing power to send GIFs and watch YouTube, you can still solve mathematical statements with smartphones. With the latest Google Calculator update, decimals are also displayed as fractions.

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Google Calculator gets dark theme with update to v7.6 [APK Download]

Regular readers will be well aware by now that Google is in the process of adding a dark mode to all of its core Android apps, including Phone, Contacts, Messages, and so on, supposedly in preparation for the holy grail — a system-wide dark mode. An app of slightly lesser importance is the Google Calculator, but it's receiving the dark mode treatment nonetheless.

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Google Calculator v7.4 switches to blue accent color, improves history screen and main display [APK Download]

Green is gone, blue is new. That's the mantra for today's update to Google's Calculator app. But it's not just a palette swap on the agenda, there are actually several other little changes scattered around the UI. There are changes to the history screen, RAD/DEG toggle, and there are even a couple things taken out.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Publishes An Updated Calculator 6.0 To The Play Store With Android Wear Support

Over the past years, Google has been unbundling various apps from the system and publishing them on the Play Store to allow for easier and faster changes that reach everyone without the need for a full firmware update. After the Google Calendar, Camera, Keyboard, and plenty of others, today's the day for the Calculator to graduate too.

Calculator is now available on the Play Store and that means updates, but also that you can download it on non Nexus devices (I have it on my LG G4 now).

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