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Authy Makes 2-Factor Authentication Nearly Painless With Easy Setup, Automatic Backup, And Multi-Device Sync

Account security is a tough issue for a lot of people. It's a constant balancing act between having a stronger system to keep out would-be invaders while also making it convenient enough that users won't reject it. After Google began offering its own 2-step verification system, several other services adopted the same mechanism and opt-in model for people that wanted more than a single password protecting their personal data. This generally left users with Google's Authenticator app, which got the job done, but it lacked features and languished on an early Holo dark design.

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Uber Gets A Google-Centric Update, Now Has Google Authentication And Option To Pay With Wallet

Use Uber? Love Google stuff? Good news – the two have become wed. Well, sort of wed. Uber just received a fairly major update that bakes a couple of significant Google services into the app: the ability to sign in/up with your Google account, and the option to pay with Google Wallet.


That's not all, either – the company will knock $10 off your fare the first time you should elect to use Wallet as your payment method.

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