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The Stadia controller's Google Assistant button now works during gameplay

When Google announced Stadia, it talked up what the Assistant could do for players in-game: its voice assistant would answer gameplay questions and even pull up video tutorials to help with particularly tricky bits. We're now one step closer to that reality, as basic Assistant functionality is finally accessible during gameplay on Stadia.

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Assistant Actions pick up five new international voices


Household contacts are rolling out to Google Assistant speakers and smart displays

Along with its announcement of group Duo and Meet video calling on the Nest Hub Max and select other smart displays, Google yesterday mentioned that it was beginning to roll out the household contacts feature, which had been promised since January, to Assistant speakers and displays. Today, the option showed up on our Lenovo Smart Displays and Google Nest Hubs, and appears to be making its way to more and more users.

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Google launches the Nest Mini in New Zealand with BOGO deal until June 28

Despite being a stone's throw away from Australia, New Zealand seems to have been massively neglected by Google. The company's official Store in NZ barely carries a few Nest cams and Chromecasts, whereas it's nearly fully-decked for Aussies. Things are looking up for Kiwis, though, as Google has just launched the Nest Mini in their country and is offering a buy one, get one deal for the next few days.

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Google Assistant's visual snapshot now includes recipe suggestions

Google Assistant's visual snapshot feature is intended to be a daily feed that provides you with all the necessary info you need to go about your day. Along with the weather, reminders, and upcoming appointments, the visual snapshot now includes...recipe suggestions. I mean, who doesn't like a good pizza recipe to start their day? Unfortunately, you can't remove it.

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Google finally fixes widespread connection error plaguing Assistant on Android Auto

After a large number of complaints about a bug affecting Assistant on Android Auto, Google has finally released a fix along with the latest version of the Google app that should put the issue to bed. A post outlining the problem on the Android Auto support site received more than 1,200 upvotes and a similar number of replies from other afflicted users.

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Google Assistant may start suggesting actions you take at certain times of the day

Google's Assistant may be picking up a new predictive trick that should save you a bit of time. A new notification asking if you'd like to trigger an Assistant-based command you frequently make at a specific time has been spotted, asking if you'd like to perform it because "you've asked for this before around this time."

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How to make Google read almost any story out loud to you on your Android phone

The internet is full of great long-form content, but not everyone has the time to read everything they're interested in. What if you could just turn any text into an audiobook that you can listen to while you do other stuff? Google seems to think that's a great idea as it offers that as a feature on Android. You just need to invoke Google Assistant when you see an article you'd like to have read and say "Read it," "Read this page," or "Read it to me." You can try that with the text right here.

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Google is using the Assistant to call businesses and check stock


Keep an eye on your home with a TP-Link Kasa Indoor Camera for $40 ($20 off)

Smart home technology has taken indoor (and outdoor) security to the next level. If you're looking for some added surveillance in your house, with smart action capabilities, the TP-Link Kasa Indoor Camera is worth considering. It's currently available for only $40 $20 cheaper than the usual price-tag.

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