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Non-essential app blocking for corporate-managed phones comes to G Suite

Corporate data security is paramount—particularly in industries with regulations like HIPAA which include steep fines for negligently handled personal data. Accordingly, allowing employees access to that data on mobile devices is not without its share of risks, as the potential of malware or lost/stolen devices may result in expropriated data. Google has introduced an extra step for IT managers to ensure that devices are compliant with corporate-defined security policy. Device Policy will now restrict apps determined to be nonessential (like Chrome or Gmail) from running until a device is returned to compliance.

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Google Cloud Search is the latest addition to the G Suite, brings the power of search to internal workflow

What if businesses could leverage the power of Google Search to find internal information faster than ever before? Cue Google Cloud Search, the answer to that question. Replacing the service formerly known as Springboard, this new product uses machine learning to provide a unified experience across the G Suite.

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Google officially rebrands 'Google for Work' as 'Google Cloud' and 'Google Apps for Work' as 'G Suite'

After a report from The Information a few days ago claiming that Google would be ditching the Google for Work brand today, Google has officially announced that their business-oriented service will now simply be called Google Cloud.

This actually isn't the first time the platform is being rebranded — you may recall it used to be called Google Apps for Your Domain a few years back. Obviously, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but it's possible Google may be targeting a wider audience by deemphasizing the 'work' aspect from the name.

One of the more important components of Google Cloud is the collection of apps that make up Google Apps for Work, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and a handful of other popular products.

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Google is rebranding 'Google for Work' to 'Google Cloud,' for some reason

Google for Work, also commonly known as Google Apps, is a service available to businesses on a subscription model from Google. As you might figure out from the name, it allows companies to create and manage accounts that can use Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangouts, Google Drive, and other related services. As a matter of fact, everyone at Android Police has a Google for Work account.

The Information reports that Google is discontinuing the use of the 'Google for Work' brand, and replacing it with 'Google Cloud.' One of their sources, someone who was briefed on the change, said "The name change is Google’s way of saying, ‘We have the best cloud platform, period.'"

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Google and Box partner to make working in the cloud more powerful

Today, Google took to its Work blog to announce the new partnership between Google Apps for Work and Box. The latter will now integrate with Docs and Springboard for further efficiency in business practices. Box will also serve as a third-party repository for Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The cool thing about that is users will be able to create new files and edit collaboratively within Box itself.

Google also announced that it is working to integrate its Springboard enterprise search tool with Box. Through this, users can find the information or files they need regardless of where that all may be hosted — whether that is in Gmail, Drive, Docs, or Box.

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Invite-only Google Springboard lets Apps for Work users search through everything

If your company uses Google apps to manage email, contacts, cloud storage, and all the other stuff that Google Apps for Work does, then you'll want the latest app in the collection post haste. Springboard is a sort of universal search tool for all the stuff that accumulates in Google Apps, plus a handy agenda view that shows everything new on the company account. Unfortunately it's in an invite-only stage right now, so even if you use Google Apps for Work, it may still be inaccessible.

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Google Apps Admin Console Starts Rolling Out A New Material Redesign

Most Android users have opted into Google's ecosystem with a personal Gmail account, but some use their own domain and sign up with a Google Apps account. If you're in the latter category, you'll be happy to know that Google's latest design philosophy is trickling down to the admin console of your Google Apps account.

It's Material — pretty, simple, and elegant. It has a sliding navigation menu that overrides the entire screen and a cleaner toolbar with new iconography. And yes, if you must know, there's a FAB. It's not just about looks though, as the change promises to make the most common tasks easier to achieve, like managing multiple users.

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