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Invite-only Google Springboard lets Apps for Work users search through everything

If your company uses Google apps to manage email, contacts, cloud storage, and all the other stuff that Google Apps for Work does, then you'll want the latest app in the collection post haste. Springboard is a sort of universal search tool for all the stuff that accumulates in Google Apps, plus a handy agenda view that shows everything new on the company account. Unfortunately it's in an invite-only stage right now, so even if you use Google Apps for Work, it may still be inaccessible.

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Inbox By Gmail Will Roll Out To Google Apps Users "Imminently" According To Sundar Pichai

When Google launched Inbox last year, it was offered exclusively to users who received an invite to their personal Gmail account. Google Apps for Business (or Education) users weren't allowed in on the fun, which seemed rather weird but understandable. After all, the new email organization and interaction paradigm was built with productivity in mind, and business users are the ones that would benefit the most from that. However, since this was an entirely new app and system, it was judicious of Google to test it out with a less demanding crowd first.

Sundar Pichai shared on Twitter that this discrimination against Google Apps users is going to be stopped, "imminently." After

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Google Apps Admin Console Starts Rolling Out A New Material Redesign

Most Android users have opted into Google's ecosystem with a personal Gmail account, but some use their own domain and sign up with a Google Apps account. If you're in the latter category, you'll be happy to know that Google's latest design philosophy is trickling down to the admin console of your Google Apps account.

It's Material — pretty, simple, and elegant. It has a sliding navigation menu that overrides the entire screen and a cleaner toolbar with new iconography. And yes, if you must know, there's a FAB. It's not just about looks though, as the change promises to make the most common tasks easier to achieve, like managing multiple users.

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Google Gets Hangouts Video Service More Ready For Work With Multiple Business-Related Improvements

Hangouts may be fun, but it's not all fun and games. It should come as no surprise that in this day and age, many people turn to Google's video chats as a means of getting work done. So the company is rolling out a number of business-related improvements to the service.

For starters, the company is now covering Hangouts under the same terms of service as other Google Apps for Business products. This means that it is promising 24/7 phone support and a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Hangout video meetings are also now able to support any Google Apps customer account, regardless of whether they're connected to a Google+ profile.

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[Bug Watch] Google Now Broken For Some Nexus 5 Users, Problem May Spread To Other Devices

Google Now is pretty amazing, and it just keeps getting better as Google finds new ways to expose knowledge from its massive data repository. It's hard not to become addicted to everything that Now can offer. But what if you just got your hands on Google's latest flagship phone, went through the setup process, and then discovered Google Now doesn't work? Not only have some Nexus 5 owners had this experience, a few of them have even seen Google Now stop working across all of their other devices.

The common symptoms seem to include sync errors with the Google account and consistent crashing when attempting to opt into Google Now on the device.

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Google Apps Device Policy Updated To Version 5.0 With Expanded Remote-Wipe Options

Google Apps Device Policy doesn't have a sexy name, and it doesn't need one. It's intended for businesses, schools, and governments that use Google Apps. Administrators can use the tool to enforce security policies and enact other policies that personal users have come to expect from Lookout and Where's My Droid. They are empowered to locate lost devices, cause them to ring, lock them remotely, and wipe all of their content. The latest update permits administrators to remove corporate Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and Docs without deleting the other data contained on a device. Conversely, users can now wipe MicroSD cards in addition to internal memory.

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Quickoffice For Google Apps For Business Launches On The Play Store, Costs Nothing

Since Google acquired Quickoffice last year, the internet has been quietly hoping that the investment will result in a much improved document editing experience on Android. So far, there hasn't been a monumental shift, but now the company is releasing Quickoffice for Google Apps For Business. For real.

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The suite is only available for users of Google Apps For Business, obviously, but if your company is in that group, then enjoy your new, free applications. The collection includes support for editing Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files and is integrated directly into Google Drive for storing them all. For everyone else, the Pro and Pro HD versions of the suite cost $14.99 an $19.99 respectively.

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