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Google app tests notifying you when search results are ready in background

Most of us probably use the Google app for searching on our phones, rather than through Chrome or - *gasp* - another search engine. I've often found that on slow connections, the Google app can take ages to bring up results - think 2G or even 3G mobile networks. To combat this, it appears that Google is either testing or rolling out a notification to tell you when the app has completed searching and showing results. unnamed unnamed (1)

Three Google Search notifications. Note: this is MIUI, which is why it looks a bit... iOS-y.

This may not be used only for slow connections, but will probably come in handy the most on a network where speed is hard to come by.

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Andy Rubin: Over 500,000 Android Devices Are Activated Every Day

A little over a year ago, Google was activating 100,000 Android devices every day. That seemed like a huge number at the time, but compared what the future would bring, that's small-time. Several months later - in December, 2010 - that number had risen to 300,000 activation per day, effectively tripling the number of Android devices in just seven months. At Google I/O last month, it was announced that activations were still on the rise, and had hit 400,000 per month. Today, Andy Rubin took to Twitter to let us know how much Android has grown in just one month.

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