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Google Firebase announces Extensions, App Distribution for iOS and Android, and web app analytics

For many developers, apps aren't just about the platform they run on, but also integration with cloud services that transport notifications, data, crash reports, ads, and more. The breadth of services and features offered by Firebase ensured many developers would consider it a must-have in their apps, even if only for Crashlytics. With the fourth annual Firebase Summit in Madrid, several new announcements expand the product line even further with products and services that can make development even easier and more effective.

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Google Analytics 3.2 adds landscape support and a handful of other improvements

Analytics may not be one of Google's most widely used apps, but it's an invaluable tool for administrators, website or app developers, bloggers, and anyone else who makes things using computers and the World Wide Web. The new version, 3.2, adds in a few improvements, namely landscape support and speed gains across the board.

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Google, This Should Be The Gold Standard Of Changelogs—Please Do It More

There's this thing Google does with app updates. Or rather, maybe I should say doesn't do. And that's tell us what has actually changed.

You see, Google likes to roll updates out in stages. This makes sense. If there's a problem with an update, the company can halt the rollout without impacting as many people.

The thing is, Google doesn't typically update the changelog until the rollout is complete and everyone has received the latest version. This is a process that can take a couple of weeks.

Users who receive the update early on have to guess what's new, or come to us and hope that we've already done so (which we often do using the help of our readers—it's a very circular process).

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Big Google Analytics 3.0 Update Brings A New Icon, Material Design, Report Sharing, More [APK Download]

It's not often that we witness a complete application overhaul from Google, so today is a special day. Granted, not everyone uses Google Analytics so the number of users who will benefit from and appreciate this update is small, but it's nothing to scoff at. Web admins, like our own Artem, are just going to love it.

The first immediate change you'll notice is an icon switch. The old icon wasn't bad really, but the new one is simpler and less square. It also has a lot more yellow and no dark orange / quasi-red.

google-analytics-icon-old google-analytics-icon-new

Old icon (left) vs new icon (right)

There are new onboarding screens that explain a couple of the new app's features like swiping through dimensions and sharing reports.

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Google Analytics App Gets A Massive Update To 2.0: New UI, More Data, Last Site Loads By Default, And More

The Google Analytics app for Android doesn't get a lot of love, despite the fact that the service itself is incredibly popular. Yesterday version 2.0 began rolling out, and it's improved in just about every way. It's another staged rollout - you might not be able to see the new version on the Play Store just yet - but a goodie bag of new and improved features should make nearly all users happy once they get it.

Screenshot_2013-07-17-18-44-55 unnamed

New on the left, old on the right.

First of all, the interface has been completely redone. Analytics now has the same card style, vaguely Now-like UI of all the recently-updated Google apps, complete with the side menu.

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[New App] Official Google Analytics App Lands In The Play Store, Complete With Real-Time Support

Site owners and webmasters, listen up: the official Google Analytics app just landed in the Play Store! Finally! Checking site stats has never been easier, it all happens in real-time, and is completely customizable. If you use Analytics, this is definitely a must-have application.

Update by Artem:

There are four tabs you can swipe between:

  • Real-Time
  • Dashboard
  • Automatic Alerts
  • Custom Alerts

The sign-in process uses your system Google accounts, so there are no passwords to enter. You can even switch between Google accounts from within the app.

In the dashboard view, you can set up additional charts and display any GA metrics you desire.

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