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Google Allo v21 adds a cropping tool for profile pictures [APK Download]

These days, almost every service with any kind of social element includes a place for a profile picture. Most apps will also give users an opportunity to crop the image down before locking it in, that way you don't have to break out a photo editor just to center yourself and cut out other people from the shot. Most people probably never noticed it, but this little convenience feature wasn't available in Allo, at least not until now.

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Allo is rolling out Web Stickers and group chat mentions, v20 prepares to add more advanced group management and more [APK Teardown]

A new version of Allo hit this morning, but that's not nearly as important as the features that were remotely activated by Google in the last day or two. Two features we've been expecting have gone live: Web Stickers and @mentions in group chats. But just as those teardown topics make the transition into live features, the latest update does bring some new things to look out for in the future, including group management and permanent bans, plus a new way to record selfies.

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Allo v19 hints at Firefox browser support, icecream-on-head effect, and more [APK Teardown]

It seems like Allo is slowing down a bit as the updates are no longer packed with an assortment of new features on each release. Instead, we're starting to see more things that spend some time in the teardowns before going live. An examination of today's update to v19 hasn't turned up anything notable in the live app yet, but a teardown does promise a few smallish tidbits like Firefox support for the web client and a camera effect that will probably place a sweet dairy treat on your head.

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Allo's in-chat translation feature is rolling out to everybody, v18 also brings adaptive icons [APK Download]

Language is officially no longer a barrier for Allo users, message translation is now rolling out to users everywhere. First discovered back in July with a teardown of v14, translation can be done by long-pressing a message and tapping the Google Translate icon appearing in the title bar at the top. You can also hide the translation with another long-press and a tap on an undo icon.

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Allo v17 prepares to add "web stickers" for more variety, will soon sort sticker packs into searchable categories [APK Teardown]

It's hard to imagine writing about Allo without talking about stickers, and as the title suggests, this post isn't going to change that. Version 17 just started rolling out, but it looks to be basically the same on the surface. At least no significant changes have turned up for me. However, a teardown of the apk shows that there are even more sticker-related improvements on the horizon.

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Allo for web hands-on: Works well enough, as long as you like Chrome

Google's newest messenger app, Allo, was released about a year ago. The app's momentum dropped shortly after release, but that hasn't stopped Google from continuing to improve it. At long last, Allo has gained a web client, but has it been worth the wait?

Setting it up

Unlike Hangouts and similar cloud-based messaging services, your phone acts as the intermediary between your computer and Allo. Anything you do (send/receive a message, start a new chat, etc) is actually performed by your phone, which sends the response back to your computer. As such, your phone will need a working internet connection for the Allo web client to work.

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Images in Allo chats may now include an edit button for some users

Say what you will about Allo, good or bad, but don't suggest that the developers aren't busy with new features. Each update typically brings some change to the interface, and sometimes it happens even between updates. The latest example is a new edit button that now appears at the top right of images and custom stickers (not regular stickers) in the chat window. It can be used to quickly take an image from chat, make changes, and post it for others in the conversation to see.

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Allo v15 adds a shortcut to your contacts so you can quickly start messaging [APK Download]

A new version of Allo began rolling out yesterday, but unlike so many previous releases, this one wasn't preceded by any Twitter announcements from the developer team. That's not too surprising because this looks more like a maintenance release. However, there was one subtle enhancement that's definitely worth pointing out: Allo now integrates with contacts on your phone so you can quickly jump to the app and start a conversation. A teardown of the apk revealed that most of the other changes are in service to the upcoming launch of an Allo web client, which had been examined in detail with a teardown of v14.

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Google says the Allo desktop client is coming in a "few more weeks"

Allo is actually a really nice application, but there are simply too many missing features for me to use it in any meaningful capacity. One of those missing features is a desktop client, which was first revealed by Nick Fox (Google VP of Communications) in February. In May, he tweeted that the web client was still "a month or two from public release." It's been about a month and a half since that statement, but the Allo desktop client is still a ways off.

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Google Allo Android users everywhere can now share documents and other files [APK Download]

Google Allo looks to be garnering some love today with the addition of document and file sharing support. It has been six months since Allo's initial release on Android where the lack of file sharing was a gaping hole in the app's features. While today we thankfully see this issue addressed, better late than never is something many of us Google fans will be all too familiar with.

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