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Google pledges $800 million to coronavirus causes

The US Government may be paying out $2.2 trillion as part of the recently-approved relief bill, but Google is also stepping up to the plate to help — admittedly, in a smaller way. The company is pledging to hand out over $800 million to help support organizations and businesses affected by coronavirus, including $250 million to the WHO and other government agencies, $200 million for NGOs and financial institutions, and a substantial $340 million Google Ads credit for small and mid-size businesses.

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Google Ads app gets dark mode, Maps and Home still waiting

Dark mode is definitely one of the most popular features users look for in an app these days. Thankfully, most developers have started to implement it in their software offerings. Google has been part of the trend, as the Play Store, Drive, Files, and Gmail apps now have a dark mode, to name a few. Interestingly, the company's Ads app just received the feature, before some of the company's most popular services.

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Google’s blocking of phone repair ads is pushing customers towards more expensive first-party services

With modern smartphones consisting mainly of glass and metal, accidental drops can easily lead to shattered screens and most people affected then use Google to search for repair options. The problem is, ever since the Wall Street Journal uncovered a bunch of fraudulent advertisements back in August 2018, Google has blocked numerous ads for third-party hardware repairs. These service providers then see reduced revenue as consumers are inadvertently pushed towards expensive first-party repairs instead. According to a new report by Engadget, they are understandably pretty peeved.

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Google Ad extensions coming to YouTube

Ad extensions were already popular in Google searches and now they’re making their way to YouTube. In a search, these snippets of information show useful details pertaining to the query. For example, if you’re looking for dry cleaning, an ad in your results might also include the address with a link to the map. Extensions can also include buttons to place a phone call or send a message, among other options.

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Google confirms it will block bad ads in Chrome, starting in early 2018

About two months ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google would add an ad-blocking feature into the Chrome web browser. Similar to AdBlock Plus' default setting, Chrome would block ads deemed unacceptable (such as pop-ups, auto-playing video ads, etc). Google has now confirmed this, and shared further details about how it will work.

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Google makes a witty and endearing Google Photos ad for the Oscars

The world is all eyes and ears today for one of the most important events that take place each year. Oh, you think I'm talking about MWC in Barcelona? Ha, neeeeerd! No, I'm talking about the 89th Academy Awards ceremony which celebrates the best in film for the past year. But for Google, the real award belongs to you and your shots and creations.

El Goog has started its Oscars campaign with a couple of tweets (1 and 2) saying that regardless of who's the big winner in the ceremony, the award for Best Picture belongs to you. That was followed up with a 1-minute video ad for Google Photos already posted on YouTube and likely to be aired during the ceremony tonight, but maybe only in its shorter version.

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[Update: 3 More Videos] Google Shows Off The Power Of The Android Search App In A Couple Of New Ads

"OK Google" is a phrase that gets spoken around my house several times a day. So much, in fact, it's the first thing my two year old says when he picks up a phone. He looks at it, holds it close to his mouth, and out it comes...even if it's an iPhone. He makes me proud.

But I digress, this is about Google's new ads. I personally have grown to rely on Google Now and voice recognition for most things, and Google is trying to get everyone else on that train, as well (come on in guys, there's plenty of room).

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