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[Update: New design hits stable] Goodreads has a beta program for bookworms on the bleeding edge


Goodreads App Updated With Refreshed Layout, Improved Navigation, And More

The Goodreads app wasn't bad when it came out, but it's been far behind the times pretty much ever since. With the most recent update, however, it's getting a fresh coat of paint with a number of subtle changes. It's not material, but it's creeping slowly in that direction.


Bookworms, Take Note - Goodreads Android App Now Available In The Android Market

If you're into reading, you've probably heard of Goodreads, a site that allows users to keep track of their reading collections, get social book recommendations, read reviews, collect quotes, and even form a book club. Us, Android folks, love to manage things on the go, and the new Goodreads app, announced on May 2nd, is here to satisfy all of your recommendation cravings and organizational OCDs.

The app lets you sign into your Goodreads account and manage your past, current, and future reading lists, search the book catalog, read friend and community reviews, and find book recommendations.

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