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YouTube mobile streaming is open to all, no longer has a subscriber requirement [Update]

The ability to Go Live on YouTube (not to be confused with the entirely unrelated YouTube Go) previously required that you have 1,000 subscribers, and before that the requirement was set at 10K. In a bid to compete with other services, it looks like that limit has been dropped further, all the way to zero. That's right, now everyone can Go Live on YouTube without any subscribers. The only requirements are a verified channel and no live stream restrictions in the last 90 days. We've reached out to the YouTube team to confirm the change.

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Twitter rolls out its in-app Periscope button to everyone

After an initial test back in May, Twitter has begun rolling out its new Periscope button to everyone on Android and iOS. When composing a tweet, users will now be greeted with a "Live" button within the media picker, serving as a shortcut to directly launch the Periscope app (or to download it if it isn't installed) and immediately begin live broadcasting to any audience.

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