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[Update: Dark toggle] Dark mode now available on Gallery Go by Google Photos

Google Photos is a fantastic app, but storing and accessing to all your images from the cloud can be a strain on your smartphone's bandwidth and storage, especially if it's a budget Android device. Last month, Google launched Gallery Go (along the lines of Maps Go and Google Go), a lightweight picture manager targetted at the hundreds of millions of budget devices being used in developing countries. Today, the app got an update that adds dark mode — something other apps like Messenger and Google Photos already have.

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[Update: APK Download] Google's Gallery Go is a lighter photo organization app designed for offline use

Adding to its lineup of lighter apps for low-cost phones, Google has introduced Gallery Go — a photo organization app intended for offline use while taking up as little space as possible. Even so, it features some of the same machine learning capabilities and editing tools as its more advanced sibling, Google Photos.

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[Update: Go and Mini apps too] Play Store now recommending lite apps to some users

Over the past year or two, we've seen a rise of 'lite' apps - lightweight alternative applications for popular services. Facebook Lite, Skype Lite, and Twitter Lite are just a few examples. But it's not always obvious to users that these alternatives exist, unless they happen to appear high up on Play Store search results.

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