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Tip: The new Gmail supports @ mentions, adding email recipients as you type their name

Gmail's new web interface has been a thing for the past few weeks. One change that we didn't notice when it first rolled out and that, as far as we can recall, wasn't mentioned in the official announcement or leaks beforehand is the addition of @ mentions.

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Nudges are now live in Gmail on Android too

A couple of days ago, the nudge functionality went live in Gmail on the web for those who had enabled the updated Gmail design. Now we can see the feature on our phones too. To be honest, we're not sure if the option went live at the same time as the web, but it just came to our attention now on mobile.

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Email 'Nudges' are rolling out in the new Gmail

Gmail recently got its biggest redesign in years, but not all of the announced features were live right out of the gate. Today, Google has started deploying the new Gmail's "Nudge" feature, which is designed to help you reply to emails you missed or ignored like the lazy procrastinator you are.

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Gmail Smart Compose is going live as an 'experimental feature'

Gmail Smart Compose, a nifty new feature that predicts what you're going to type and fills it in with a press of the tab key, is going live. It's only available on the desktop version of the new Gmail, and to use it, you'll have to enable experimental features in Gmail's settings.

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Google adding machine learning-based Smart Compose to Gmail this month

The recent Gmail redesign is still fresh in everyone's minds and I'm still playing around with it. Google isn't done with its signature email, however. Smart Compose is the next step, which utilizes the advances in AI to improve upon the already nifty Smart Reply.

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What the new Gmail gets wrong: Annoyances, broken features, and things we wish were left unchanged

The mobile world thrives on change, and we're always waiting expectantly for the next big OS update, next hot phone, or next service that changes our lives for the better. But that ceaseless hunt for improvement can also backfire on users when something they've loved and relied on is suddenly upended in the name of progress.

A good number of us are feeling that kind of frustration right now, as we get to know Google's latest Gmail redesign. We shared with you the news of its launch last week, and while there's a whole lot it does well, including the introduction of some powerful new features, we've also been putting together a not-so-insubstantial list of gripes.

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Weekend poll: What do you think of the changes to Gmail?

Google seems to have switched itself over into full spring-cleaning mode, probably in preparation for an avalanche of announcements at the upcoming I/O developer conference. Among the most noteworthy changes in the last week is the new Gmail web interface, rumors and leaks for which have been trickling out over the month.

Now that we've all had a chance to play with the latest iteration of Google's now 14-year-old email service, we're curious. What do you think of the changes?

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Gmail wish list: 10 features we (still) want

Email remains the linchpin of online communication, and while we heavily rely on everything from instant messaging to video chat in order to stay in touch with the people we need to in our lives, we always find ourselves turning back to tried-and-true email. Of course, even for something so utilitarian as email, there are still a million companies putting their own spin on it, and for so many Android users around the globe, Gmail is their email service of choice.

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Gmail v8.4 adds 'mark unread from here' and prepares fully customizable swipe actions [APK Teardown]

As if Gmail didn't make enough news today thanks to the launch of a new web interface and beginning to roll out the long-long-awaited snooze feature, there's also a new version of the app floating out into the world. It only appears to add one feature to mark a thread as partially unread, but a teardown also reveals that the Gmail team is going to add fully customizable swipe actions.

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